It's my another new track . I hope you all will like it.


NSX-32029 days ago

New sounds ! +++++

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BShant3 months ago

Hello my friend!
I liked it!
If you can please vote back to my track (Paris) and comment your opinion about the track for me :)) , it would be great!

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Sunrise Blvd
Sunrise Blvd4 months ago

Voted for you HEVER

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Jake & Kellini
Jake & Kellini4 months ago

Nice Sound HEVER !!
Full support !! The synths are really smooth
Check our track (BRO) out and vote if you like the vibe !

All the best Jake & Kellini

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Veronika River
Veronika River4 months ago

Cool synths!

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DOOM1N4 months ago

Amazing song!
Vote for vote??

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EferJet4 months ago

Hey Hever!
There is a music which can be listen over and over again, I think this is one of them!
So really nice work - you got my vote :)
Keep it up, man!
If you got a sec, check out my new track "Be Alright", let me know what you think!

Leaving you a vote!
Good luck, I hope to hear more of you!

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Boxidro4 months ago

+yeah!! nice !! i like it !! voted!! you have my support! it will be great ive you vote and support me too!!nice grezze and good luck!!BOXIDRO

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JACk iRIS4 months ago

you deserve your place ! congratulation you are a Producer !

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Rob & $teve
Rob & $teve4 months ago

Awesome track!! Had to give you a vote! Make sure to check out our new edm banger track and give it a vote if you like it.

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jrome924 months ago

voted for you! check out mine "Hollow No More"... vote me back if love it! peace! :D

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RAmoonDrewball4 months ago

Good Track here!
Full Support & Voted!
If you can please vote back to my track "AQUA"


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V£ktar4 months ago

Really great track....Faya!!!..Voted!!

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AFSHINAM4 months ago

Good Track here!
Full Support & Voted!!
If you can please vote back to our track (For You) and comment your opinion about the track for us :)) , it would be awesome!
Thank you so much!

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Andrewq4 months ago

I love your work My vote is yours.
I also invite you to listen to my track and earn your vote.37

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new way to edmmmm

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Jobrektho4 months ago

Very nice chill vibe! I really like it! I give you a vote back!

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Saltic Sound Society

музыка фантастика мне нравится голосую

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JG´ X4 months ago

What a colleague, good track, I like mastering, I vote for you.
Check out my new work entitled "secret".

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armani dior
armani dior4 months ago

I voted on your track, if you dont mind could you check out my track? Thanks much <3

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