That s an Edit of this Lambada Electronic Soul Song!! Mastering by ColorSound. Song writing: Dr.T. Electronic Singer is my Avatar,Mister Tom Goddard Follow GFE ultra on Youtube,Instagram,FaceBook!!! Hope you 'll enjoy this Track


Arment & Storm
Arment & Storm5 months ago

Hey! thanks for the nice comment! Love the Arp Seq Bass Melody! How did you do it? or it's just the original part? Really cool though! voted

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GFE ultra
GFE ultra5 months ago

With pleasure.... I play it, the Bass, with some arppegiator of Logic Pro...almost of all the part are played on my tracks, but the drums of course!!!

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Allan Rockwell
Allan Rockwell5 months ago

Nice Track GFE, can you vote for my new Track "Airplanes", it helps me out a lot. Thank you!

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Arkamore5 months ago

Great composure. you have my vote

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amine Ellargo987
amine Ellargo9875 months ago

cool idea need just some work in mix

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LAAN5 months ago

Hi, good work! I love it !!

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Cardinalez5 months ago

Great Track GFE :-) keep up the good work :-) Voted :-) Check out my new track Sonar

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Coolar5 months ago

amazing music man

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Rehabilitation5 months ago

Nice track voted!

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Fullpoy5 months ago

voted back

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°°Burn666°°5 months ago

voted back! THX for your support! :)

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S.O.F5 months ago

Good work i like track! Voted!

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FRAUX5 months ago

Nice mix ! voted.

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Jake & Kellini
Jake & Kellini5 months ago

Nice sound this is Art right here!! Very Good! Keep it Up!! 👍You have our Vote !
If you have time to check out our track BRO would that be super nice !

If you like it give us a heart :)

All the best //Jake & Kellini...

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*PEAK__OZ*5 months ago

great work here has a 80s touch like it voted

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TOBIE TRENT5 months ago

Hello I voted for your track
I hope you could do the same and vote back on my track “Touch”.
Good luck.

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Nomis.K5 months ago

Good Job !
Do YOU dig the Lithuania HQ vibe ?
Do YOU like it when your car speakers are blasting full/fat Bass at you ?
Then you should check out my newest Remix "WHY DID YOU RUN" .

Take care and have a great day 🤙🏽💭

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kra4os5 months ago

woooooow! liked! can you help me with my track DEMONIOS?

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H.A.R.D.I.E.5 months ago

Hello, how are you ?, excellent track,

I loved it and I voted for you, your style is great,

you really deserve to be on this label, good luck,

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my track called Happiness,

Thank you

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RAmoonDrewball5 months ago

Voted, nice track!!

Vote back

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SoldierOfStreet5 months ago

good job . Voted :)

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