Hey, this is my remix of RYZY's song" Nothin' ". I hope you enjoy it!. Please if you can support me by sharing it, giving it like and following me. Thanks for the support and feedback.


UnderScore2 months ago

Hi No Troublxs,
Your work is extra ordinary.

You got my vote. Kindly listen to my new release "Blake Reary : Hanging On (Iridium X UNDERSCORE REMIX)"

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D3ARD4N2 months ago

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Headplay2 months ago

What a nice song bro extremely good mix and really good channels Voted! I would appreciate If you vote back my track ''Behind The Temporary Dream'' thx bro

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masonparks2 months ago

I am a big fan, Make sure to check out my new pop song I just submitted to the talent pool called "Bad Things" !

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EferJet2 months ago

Hey! :)
Wow! Cool mix and vibes, really nice work - you got my vote :)
Keep it up!
If you got a sec, check out my new track "I'm Alive", let me know what you think!

Leaving you a vote!
Good luck with charting! :)

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xKhaalidd2 months ago

You have my support.

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EnergyWolf2 months ago

Great Track I like itπŸ˜€ and you get my voteπŸ˜€
But vote me back
EnergyWolf ft Martin garrix and Dimitri Vegas Style

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Hibs2 months ago

nice one voted back !

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Allan Rockwell
Allan Rockwell2 months ago

Nice Track m8, can you vote for my new Track "Airplanes", it helps me out a lot. Thank you!

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Pando G
Pando G2 months ago

Hey no troubles

one of my favorite songs online i loved it bassline was solid .if i could vote twenty times i would
but if you got any time check out my profile pando g .

my latest track fu ge la by the fugees

Thank you very much for makin your dope tune

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#Nenete2 months ago

te voto

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Sunrise Blvd
Sunrise Blvd2 months ago

Voted for you NO TROUBLXS

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Kirill Shalmanov
Kirill Shalmanov2 months ago

Hello! Great work!! I vote for you! Please check my new track "Summer Nights" and vote back. Follow me on SoundCloud and I will follow you back!!!!

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HVZELNUT2 months ago

Voted good work, pls check mine...:)
Good luck

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MATHIS GARCIA2 months ago

Voted !πŸ€™πŸ»

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Farbkreis2 months ago

Nice track! Greets

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Hakus2 months ago

Hey sick track Voted!
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Thanks and good luck

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PSYLAR2 months ago

Voted! Me encanta!πŸ‘ŒπŸΌβ€οΈ

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GFE ultra
GFE ultra2 months ago

Good work!! Voted back!!!

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ketul_332 months ago

Voted back

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