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UltraCruzz1 month ago

Hey, nice track !!
If you have some time, please, check my new track!!.... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . .

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Riv3ricK2 months ago

Thanks for your vote bro! and congrats for your tune.. very massive sound :) nice job! You definitely got my Vote Back ;) Good luck in the talentpool!
Also thanks in advance to all those who will give a listen and support my "Avicii - Sos ft Aloe Blacc" remix. :)

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TheWild2 months ago

Good track!! !

If you have some extra time, please, check my new track!

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Mattsoto2 months ago

hello, i like your track and i voted you!! Come on go to my chanel and listen "Neutron" and please give me a feedback of my track. if you want to collab with me please let me know, call me on Soundcloud "Mattsoto" . Cheerss,,

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lextraxmusic2 months ago

Nice track Energywolf!!! LIKED!!! Cool idea, great sounds and nice mix as well!!!
If you have time please checkout my latest release called "The Police - Every Breath You Take (Lex Trax Remix) " and please vote back.
I hope that you'll reach your goals...Keep it up bro!!!

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Horbatso2 months ago

Great work voted for you!

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Daniel Bohen
Daniel Bohen2 months ago

I voted for you.
If you have a moment, please check out my song “The Drama Time”, and vote back if you liked it.
Thank you,
Good luck.❤

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masonparks2 months ago

Love this style and track, Make sure to check out my new pop song I just submitted to the talent pool called "Bad Things" !

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iamjaspreeet2 months ago

voted for your track ...just make your lead sound more aggressive...then its gonna be more dope...

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EferJet2 months ago

Hey! :)
Wow! Cool mix and vibes, really nice work - you got my vote :)
Keep it up!
If you got a sec, check out my new track "I'm Alive", let me know what you think!

Leaving you a vote!
Good luck with charting! :)

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Coolar2 months ago

wow ,nice one man

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Dj YeZo
Dj YeZo2 months ago

Voted. Tysm for voting on my latest track. Thanks and good luck!

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MLØZ2 months ago

voted back!! thanks for your support!

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Patrick Brommer
Patrick Brommer2 months ago


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hacker&Preuss2 months ago

We Vote for You,
please check our new chainsmoker Remix and vote back if You want,

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RULEBREAKERZ2 months ago

Hey Thanks so much for voting for BASS RAIDER!! Always happy to vote back for a great track! U have our vote xx

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Hibs2 months ago

nice track, voted back

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Miss Tonica  (M.T)
Miss Tonica (M.T)2 months ago

Awesome!!,great vibe👍
Thanks for your support🙏🇳🇱

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EINNOSZ2 months ago

double thumbs up for u man, i liked your style voted :)
goodluck in chart and pls take a second to check my track if u can :D "THE PUPPET"

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Imad Kajdouh2 months ago

Very nice track, catchy vibe, nice groove. Voted!

Let's help each other my friend, you can vote for my track 'Sour Deal'!
You can also follow me on soundcloud.

Definately looking forward to hearing more stuff from you.
Good luck in the charts!

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