Avalible in https://open.spotify.com/album/1yOFGRIWydtKknB5QDMk1I


Donald_Pump7 months ago

any nice energy man. lets follow each other on Soundcloud I like your style.

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mx rez
mx rez7 months ago

you have my support nice track

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Micron kal
Micron kal7 months ago

Hey ReyMod,

thank you 4 support my track , i'm glad that you like him ... and revote .. keep it up buddy ;)

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Ghost Cat
Ghost Cat7 months ago

Hey bro im in love with this track is pure fire bro, definetly voted, i would love if you can vote for my new track 'Everyday'
thanks bro, keep it going

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SOUND FORMER7 months ago

I have already voted for you ! :) Thank you for the vote for my new track man !

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Dj YeZo
Dj YeZo7 months ago

Hi!!! Thank you so much for supporting my latest track. Now i am here si ply returning the favor. So I voted back for your track. Thx and good luck! 👍

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HVZELNUT!7 months ago

great drop, i loved it. voted n full supported :)
could u check my bootleg? and my "THE PUPPET"?
good luck in rank i hope u got the best

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Flowa7 months ago

Cool Track voted back:)

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NCX-3207 months ago

Super sounds ! Super music !

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B.i.l.o7 months ago

Thanks voted for you

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DJ SO47 months ago

Nice and Cool Sounds <3 ;D

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Basteriza7 months ago

hey voted :)

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angry7 months ago

I like it, great track, I supported=)

Please check out my new track [Eternity]

good luck friend)

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Maschera Franck
Maschera Franck7 months ago

Good sound bro!!!
Please listen and vote my last work MY LITTLE WORLD, MY HEROINE
Thank you and good luck!!!!

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NCPTN7 months ago

Hey, voted !! nice track, i wanted a feedback from an high ranked like you <3 Check my deep house track Beautiful life , thankss .......................

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masonparks7 months ago

I am a fan! Make sure to check out the pop song I submitted to the talent pool called "Bad Things" !

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Komisiris7 months ago

great job i like it

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Matye & Luzy
Matye & Luzy7 months ago


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Sendust7 months ago

i'm voted for your track

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lextraxmusic7 months ago

Voted back :)

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