Switch (DavidXUX Remix)

Afrojack X Jewelz & Sparks ft. Emmalyn

This is my new Remix for Afrojack's "Global Remix Battle 2" !!! I hope you like how I implemented my own style in this track!!! Please leave a vote and a follow!!! Thanks!!! You can also visit my YouTube channel, my SoundCloud channel and my other socials!!!


DJ DEN9 months ago


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_Fiero_9 months ago

Nice bro 😎😁😁👊🖒

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OwenLucio9 months ago

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masonparks9 months ago

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MARWHEEL9 months ago

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Nomis.K9 months ago

Good Job.
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Pebble9 months ago

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Yako Beatz
Yako Beatz9 months ago

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Lei music
Lei music9 months ago

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Joel Avalo
Joel Avalo9 months ago

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Coolar9 months ago

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MAHDI9 months ago

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