Dernier Manifeste ( Anton Prize ) 2019 Remastered


BIONT ✪8 months ago

Nice track ANTON!!! LIKED!!! Cool idea, great sounds and nice mix as well!!!
If you have time please checkout my latest release called "Lonely Island" and please vote back.
I hope that you'll reach your goals...Keep it up bro!!!

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WiMax Music
WiMax Music8 months ago

Nice track Anton, groove and vibe that you can easily feel. Voted for you!

Helping each other is important, so you can vote back for my track 'Sour Deal'!
You can also follow me on soundcloud, leave a like and comment.

Good luck in the charts!

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Sunrise Blvd
Sunrise Blvd8 months ago

Voted for you ANTON PRIZE

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Koet8 months ago

Hey Anton ... great track, love the saturated chords...nice tight sound :-) I voted for you!
maybe you would give my latest track “Playing with Fire” a listen too? Hope you like it .. !! :-) Sophie

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Ta9-58 months ago

voted !! I heard your Track "Dernier Manifeste"
If you do not mind, Will you listen and vote to my last track "Sakura Dreaming" ?

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EferJet8 months ago

I like the mood of this track, nice work - leaving you my vote! :)
If you got a sec, check out my new track "Save Me", I want to know what you think ?

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DavidXUX8 months ago

Voted!!! This track is really good because of the great energy in it!!! If you vote back for my remix of "Switch" you would make me so happy!!! Thanks!

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ReyMod.com8 months ago

Hi, im ReyMod, Hey cool song bro loved it vote!, pls vote for my last song and please follow me in soundcloud and so, we will be in contact good luck!

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