euphoric piano with thumping kick and aggressive bassline with ambient breaks hope you guys like this one!

ReyMod.com5 months ago

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Horbatso5 months ago

cool work voted for you! Please check out my new track "Berlin " and vote if you liked of course thanks ! !! !

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masonparks5 months ago

Sick!! wow. I would love if you checked out "Breathe Again," my most recent submission to the talent pool. Thanks!

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JMOR Music
JMOR Music5 months ago

Great! I liked your song, I hope you keep fighting hard so you can get away. If you can take a minute and listen to my remix: Coldplay: a sky full of stars (JMOR Remix).

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HighBeats5 months ago

I liked your track beyond! voted you my friend!
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EnergyWolf5 months ago

Great Track I like it😇 and you get my vote😇
But vote me back
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ReyMod.com5 months ago

that good, for being among the best!!!!, I'm glad that my vote is there for you, I admit your work! I hope you do not forget to listen to my songs

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UNEK5 months ago

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RARP5 months ago

Sick track!! voted!!
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Nomis.K5 months ago

Good Job.
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Than you might like my new track 🔴CHASIN'🔴
Take a listen if you want to, have a great day and take care 😜

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Andre-J5 months ago

listened to this all the way through, great intro, piano riffs and sound are fantastic. what piano plug in is that? VOTED and now following you too.

have a listen to my tune 'feel like giving up" . feedback and support welcome - cheers J

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Lei music
Lei music5 months ago


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Jados5 months ago

man this is sick

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hacker&Preuss5 months ago

We voted for your track!
Please vote back our Remix of "LongWayHome".
Thank you!
Have a nice day!
Peace, hacker&Preuss

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Koet5 months ago

Hey Emirix... beautiful track, love the melody / chord combinations... :-) I voted for you! thanks for supporting my latest track “Playing with Fire” Glad you like it .. !! :-) Sophie

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Phil Devon
Phil Devon5 months ago

Dude great track ! Really dig this vibe !! :) Voted! Check out my new chill track called Freaking Out! : )

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MAHDI5 months ago

voted !! nice track
vote back for my last track
keep it up

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GFE ultra
GFE ultra5 months ago

Hi Emirix!!! Good ideas on your track...the harmonies are nice...maybe you could work the sound of the main melody to have more "diversity"....anyway,that s good
you have my vote

If you have a while, check my latest track please! Thnxxx & good luck!!!

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Flowa5 months ago

Voted Back😍

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EferJet5 months ago

Hey Mate!
You ask for real opinion here is mine.
Buildup part sound very cool.
I think maybe use more layers in track. it will give sound more fatness, also use panning for hihats and other effects, due looks like all instruments punching in the face.
Intro and drop parts not bad, but not so catchy as they could be.

And one more thing, try to use more than one melody, when you trying to listen almost 3 minutes same melody, it's not really catch my attention as listener and want to scroll to find something more interesting in track.
It's beautiful, but you need add more colors for that beauty.

Overall good job and don't quit just keep it up!
PS It's only my opinion, I'm not a professional producer ;)

Score: 1
Emirix5 months ago

Thanks mate really appreciate that! :)

Score: 1