hey ya'll here's another one !! :D let me know what you think, a bit rough around the edges, but happy with how it turned out! dont forget to follow me on SC & IG for updates on the new songs! much love all the around! If you need feedback or anything also, hit me up on SC!


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W3rnamusic8 months ago

I love your work my vote is yours.
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AFSHINAM8 months ago

Awesome Track here!
Full Support & Voted!
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Steve Portell
Steve Portell8 months ago

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thank you ✌️

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ΩM8 months ago

Hey man this track is SICK!!!
Would really appreciate if you could support my rework of Tell Me A Lie as well!!
Also would love a feedback!!!

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KyDeS8 months ago

This is so different!!!!
Nice everything man,
Do not forget to apply more sidechain in your melody!!!
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Joep Mens
Joep Mens8 months ago

Nice man!

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Sunrise Blvd
Sunrise Blvd8 months ago

Voted for you PXZEL

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Lavenir8 months ago

awesome track!!!!! Voted !!!!

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O.K.E.Z8 months ago

How U doing
U got my vote
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UNEK8 months ago

Hey man nice production , you got a many skills in music production ! I like your work .
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Have a great day . ! .

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Mattsoto8 months ago

Love this track,, the drop so powerful, you've got Vote by me!!! plase check my track its call "Jonas Aden - Tell Me a Lie (Mattsoto Remix), Vote if you like, find me on soundcloud too "Mattsoto".. Cheers,,

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Spe5tre8 months ago

this song is so awesome! definitely a vote.
Keep it up though. !!
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DJ 5L45H
DJ 5L45H8 months ago

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VatoPerro138 months ago

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Andrewq8 months ago

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Kátheon8 months ago

Nice work bro continue like this, voted

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MAHDI8 months ago

I listened to your music, nice job and voted
Give the voted back for my last work

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Jay Riot
Jay Riot8 months ago

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J3Q8 months ago

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Don't Miss it!

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masonparks8 months ago

I like it!! Make sure to check out "Wait For You," the song I just submitted to the talent pool!

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