Dance Floor Vibes , 128 bpm, written in FL Studio. Feedback and support appreciated & you will of course get mine in return. Follow me on here and SoundCloud & I'll follow back.


Steve Portell
Steve Portell7 months ago

Hey I did a Remix for the Jonas Aden contest! 🎹 Check out my channel and my Remix and vote for it if you like it 🙂
thank you !!!✌️

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S3VENATION7 months ago

Hey j-andre
Wow! This is a very good sound! You have my vote!
Check out my new song "Light In The Dark" and vote me please! Thanks! :)

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Freyech7 months ago

sick track man...
please vote my latest track effecx...
keep flourishing brother

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Xicors7 months ago

Good job, brother, keep it up. I voted with pleasure for your song and I support you, it is important that we help each other, could you vote for my song: Deadmau5 - Monophobia (Xicors & Nicotina Instrumental Remix) ✅

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FoxFX Music
FoxFX Music7 months ago

Beautiful melody! Great track! Voted. Please vote back for my new one, "Hands Up." Thanks!

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THE KIM7 months ago


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DaveroVatto7 months ago

I voted 1+. This track need to back at the second place!!! I will follow you on SoundCloud.

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Lavenir7 months ago

nice track!!!!! Keep It Up!!!!! Voted !!!!

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D4RT7 months ago

Hey bud, I just wanted to say it was awesome to see you make 2nd place :)

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Helsing7 months ago

Stopped by real quick, wanted to say I'm glad to see you going up on the chart!

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Andre-J7 months ago

check out my new tune - ZEN..... thank you

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Jados 2
Jados 27 months ago

Voted, great track

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Sunrise Blvd
Sunrise Blvd7 months ago

Voted for you J ANDRE

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Fullpoy7 months ago

Your track is amazing and I voted for you, could you vote back for my last track please ?)

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Hardvier Dj
Hardvier Dj7 months ago

Hey amazing track I like its very energizing environment you have my vote, take a little time and vote for my new track "Lone Wolf" I hope you like it and Thank you Luck

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RyanLey7 months ago

bumps, but try to clear up your low frequencies so your percussion can shine more and fill the whole track

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Roger Mach
Roger Mach7 months ago

Good job!
Check out my new remix "TakeAway" 🔥

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TRYLOWMUSİC7 months ago

hi guys my new remix VOTE :) Jonas Aden - Tell Me A Lie ( TRYLOW REMIX )

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JasonWell ✪
JasonWell ✪7 months ago

Хорошая работа и проголосовал 😜👍🏻😜👍🏻😜👍🏻👍🏻😜
Отдай голосовали за мою последнюю работу:VOICE😜👍🏻😜👍🏻😜👍🏻

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MusicbyStranger7 months ago


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