Corus ( Original Mix )

Davide Salatino



Priyanku Rahang
Priyanku Rahang8 months ago

Nice, now vote my track

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Da@r!jn8 months ago

A really nice track you got there! voted! maybe you could vote my latest track to? it would be appreciated!

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ERNOMS8 months ago

Nice track David Salatino, groove and vibe that you can easily feel. Voted for you!

Helping each other is important, so you can listen to my latest track - 'Dark Side' and leave a vote if you like it!
You can follow me on SoundCloud, leave a like or comment, that's always highly appreciated.

Good luck in the charts!

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Skyflow8 months ago

SUPREEEME! Check out my new track >>>> TREE OF LIFE

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Nick Wynn
Nick Wynn8 months ago

I voted for your track
Vote for mine
Good luck !!

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JCELL8 months ago

E :)

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Witchislav8 months ago

Supported! Wish you best of Luck!

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ITSDJJFLOW8 months ago

Wow such a sick track!!!! Loving the good vibes in the track buddy, definetly voted. If you have time to vote for my brand new mix called GO WITH THE FLOW #2I would be very grateful. Thank u very much and keep up the good work

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Recvey8 months ago

cool,voted,vote my new track please

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GM Prod
GM Prod8 months ago

Very nice track! Voted! I would appreciate if you could listen to my track ”FLY STACH“ and vote on it! Keep up the great work!

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John Avo
John Avo8 months ago

Keep up the hard work it will ALL PAY OFF.
If you get the chance could you please check out my latest single on Soundcloud. Follow me and share I'll follow back on all social accounts
thank you :)

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B.i.l.o8 months ago

Yesterday you were still on rank 9, today I'll see you on Rank 5 😂
The promoter is probably working overtime to bring you to the 1. I have to fight for a rank every day, but you with your shit production climb up like people are voting for you every second.
You are a loser and a cheater.
Your track is the worst I've ever heard here in the Talent Pool.

Score: 3
RULEBREAKERZ8 months ago

Well said! I get sick to death of getting hounded by people offering to get me in the top 10 on here for just $20 etc etc....I get about 2 a day. me n my hubby work hard to try n make a track that gets us noticed....that's good enough for the bigtime!! I hope all these people cheatin for votes and offering packages to cheat for a top 10 spot get caught out!
The trouble is half the people on here probably didn't even listen to this they just want a vote on their own track!

Score: 3
OLSAF8 months ago

seriously dude people here don't even know the basic arrangement stuff and just bluntly reach the top 10......i'm 17 and i cannot pay that much amount for's only by my hardwork through which i can reach to the the place where i live their is no interest for production and anything related to it...i make music in very low volm so my parents don't hear me......after all this struggle all i get is "hey dude that was lit...i voted you...i hope you check out my track 'blah blah stupid' and vote back..."..........seriously i'm sick of it.....i don't know when will i ever get recognition.....but you seem genuine..........i won't ask you to vote for my track but just listen to it.......and tell me if it was better than most of the tracks here or not.....cheers bro

Score: 2
Horbatso8 months ago

good work voted for you ! Please check out my new remix CLEAN BANDIT -MAMA- (HORBATSO REMIX) and vote if you liked of course thanks !!!!

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OneStranger8 months ago

Awsome track! You have my vote! Pls vote back on my track "Going Crazy" and keep up the awsome work!!

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KSTI8 months ago

Great song !!

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Nervechord8 months ago

that really raves hard and it really bounce in my hea . great!!!!
Please support my new track "Sonic" tooo.

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Miss Tonica  (M.T)
Miss Tonica (M.T)8 months ago

Great track
Listen to my new song "reality"
And vote if you like it

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EnergyWolf8 months ago

Great Track I like it😀 and you get my vote😀
But vote me back
EnergyWolf ft Third Party and Volt-State Hold on 😇

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Davide Salatino
Davide Salatino8 months ago

For me the ideas and experiences in the music are more important than how long time a person produce.
There are good Djs but bad producers and good producers, but bad Djs . Or Good Djs and good producers too. And bad djs / producers as well.
Music makes the difference !

Score: -2
B.i.l.o8 months ago

Alright, but we're talking past each other now. The fact is that you did not end up with something like that in the top 10.
That's why it's obvious you bought votes.

Score: 4
B.i.l.o8 months ago

To your question if you should copy and paste, I agree with you.
It's better to go your own way and create something new or just invent your own style.
But you also have to know how good you are and if this can keep up with the competition.
Compare some songs in this genre and you will find that you can not compete.
Sorry if I have to tell you this but
You are a beginner.

Please do not change your comments.

Score: 2