New future bounce track,hope you like this track,and hope can follow my SC,thanks :D


Steve Portell
Steve Portell7 months ago

Hey I did a Remix for the Jonas Aden contest! 🎹 Check out my channel and my Remix and vote for it if you like it 🙂
thanks!! ✌️

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Andre-J7 months ago

hiya just reviewing your tune, great chords and riffs, my type of stuff. cant fault it at all. VOTED
sorry for the copy and paste bit, its the only way i can promote my failing music lol. take a listen to my new tune ZEN, feedback and support welcome.

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HVZELNUT!7 months ago

dammnnn bruh, this great track :)
pls check my remix contest bro and give a vote if u like and my latest track "WARRIOR"

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Joep Mens
Joep Mens7 months ago

Love the build up man!

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ITSDJJFLOW7 months ago

WOWWWWWWW!!!!! Nice track mate, voted for sure!!!! If you have time to vote for my brand new remix I did I would be very grateful. Thank u very much and keep up the good work!!!

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Lavenir7 months ago

great track !!!!! keep it up !!!!! voted !!!!

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FIFI music
FIFI music7 months ago

Gives me a magical vibe! Got my vote!

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ReyMod.com7 months ago

congratulations,for being up!!!!!, I'm pleased that my vote is there for you, I admit your work! :D I hope you do not forget to listen to my songs

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Mattsoto7 months ago

Love this track,, the drop so powerful, you've got Vote by me!!! plase check my track its call "Jonas Aden - Tell Me a Lie (Mattsoto Remix), Vote if you like, find me on soundcloud too "Mattsoto".. Cheers,,,

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Spe5tre7 months ago

this song is so awesome! definitely a vote.
Keep it up though.
Also If you could check out my latest remix "The Chainsmokers - Takeaway(spe5tre Remix)". than that'll be awesome.!

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VatoPerro137 months ago

Voted! Please make sure to support my track "/b/ is my hood homie bang that shit",

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Peterson Mendes
Peterson Mendes7 months ago

hey bro that's good! I voted and hope you vote again for my track (wake up)..

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MAHDI7 months ago

I listened to your music, nice job and voted
Give the voted back for my last work

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B.i.l.o7 months ago

Really good job ;) like it.
Please vote back and good luck.

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Koet7 months ago

Hey RX4CY... cool track ... :-) I voted for you! maybe you would give my latest track “Careless” a listen too? Hope you like it .. !! :-) Sophie

Score: 1
RX4CY7 months ago

thanks koet :D

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CVST57 months ago

Thanks Voted

Score: 1
Lusitany7 months ago

Amazing track! Awesome style sound! Excellent! good energy!
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Good luck!

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Sultanberkaliev7 months ago

Hi bro, good track for which I voted, please vote for my new track SB-Speed

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PXZEL7 months ago

yo rx4cy, just got to the drop of your song, really feeling that vibe dude! you got some nice stuff happening, i can kind of see you making this your own song - it matches what you’re doing pretty well ! btw, great job with the sound design, super tight stuff - keep up the good work - you got my vote dude! hmu on SC if you ever wanna chat about music or something, or trade feedback ! and if you got a sec, can you check out my last track - “hard” its a retro 8bit/hardstyle mix inspired by anger fist !! leave a vote if you like, and if not some feedback please on what i could of done better !

Score: 1
DrNooo7 months ago

Love it. Voting back. great bass and mixed well

Score: 1