"Scenery" is my first Track on Talent Pool, I hope you enjoy it.


Rubén Guerin
Rubén Guerin7 months ago


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Tyfëhr7 months ago

awesome track,very good idea! very different than most of the sounds that i have been heard but i like it and its very well produced! Voted for sure!
If you have some time check out my latest remix of "the him" and give me a honest feedback as well,and if you like it,vote please ;)
Wish you the best! ;)

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Alkache7 months ago

Oooh!!! Really cool job.

Your track sounds almost like Spinnin releases. Keep up the good work...

I will be very grateful if you listen to my new track Let's Dance and
give a constructive assessment

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Pio Valles Project
Pio Valles Project7 months ago

Nice Track !! Congratulations, have my support.

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Daniel Bohen
Daniel Bohen7 months ago

VOTED for your track.
Please check out my song “As You Are”, and vote back if you liked it ;)
Good luck. ❤

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Phil Kuper
Phil Kuper7 months ago

Love this track! And i just voted for you! Vote me too my last track "Avacanda" if you likte it). And yeah, wish you all only the best!!! Thank's a lot, and see you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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B!TER7 months ago

Knrd, Overall this was pretty good! The mixing on this was well done! You got my like and I hope to see you in the top with me! I would say some minor tweaks might be needed depending on this specific genre! My pro tips are to ALWAYS side chain the Kick, snare, and high hats!!! The struggle is real with this ranking system so I ask for some honest feedback from you when and if you get this message on my new release "What The Fuck". It's a mixture of Death Metal, and Dubstep which creates a unique genre known as Deathstep! If you are a headbanger then I know you will enjoy it! FREE DOWNLOAD through my Soundcloud! I enjoyed your mix and I hope you enjoy mine! Thanks for providing me the opportunity to give you feedback, if you would like more in depth feedback from me please follow and message me on Soundcloud! I love giving tips to help others!

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Can Baond Music
Can Baond Music7 months ago

Nice and Cool Track VOTED..
Please listen to my remix --- Can Baond - Dreams vote and leave a comment if you like..
Thank you for your support.............

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Lavenir7 months ago

nice one !!!!great job !!!!! voted !!!!!

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Mikey Theo
Mikey Theo7 months ago

this song is so dope I love the vibe but i could use some more BASS personally. keep it up tho!!

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Nick Wynn
Nick Wynn7 months ago

I voted for your track
Vote for mine
Good luck !))

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EINNOSZ8 months ago

great bruh i like the drop, u got my voted. pls check my track :)
goodluck in your rank bud

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×Björn×8 months ago


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GFE ultra
GFE ultra8 months ago

Beautiful!!! Cool inspiration!

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JCELL8 months ago

Where is the BASS?

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KNRD8 months ago

At first there was to much bass so i reduced it a little bit but now its gone on some devices...

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Just Realateable Music

came from your post on my track summer days and im glad it did voted hope to hear more work from you soon

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ITSDJJFLOW8 months ago

BOOM!!!! Amazing track man dope vibes. Voted If you have time to vote for my brand new mix I did called GO WITH THE FLOW #2 I would be very grateful. Thank u very much and keep up the dope work!!

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John Avo
John Avo8 months ago

Keep up the hard work it will ALL PAY OFF.
If you get the chance could you please check out my latest single on Soundcloud and leave a nice comment. I like to give all my followers the right feedback as well receiving.
Kind Regards :)

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Jonathan farrell
Jonathan farrell8 months ago

Good Idea with lots of emotion. Voted!

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Last Line
Last Line8 months ago

Love the chord progression which is really emotional. The arp after the drop fits perfectly into the vibe of the track same with the strings but i think the drop has to be more powerful. Maybe changing the rhythm of the chords and spending more time on mixing mastering would make it better. Nevertheless, super track with a lot of potential.
I don't like to ask that but i would be a pleasure if u can give us some feedback on our new single "Sunset Aglow" as well. Thanks KNRD :)

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