THE KIM7 months ago

Yeah! Voted Check my new track guys)

Score: -3
SoundHack TV
SoundHack TV7 months ago

We are a youtube channel named SoundHack TV. We come here to recognize new talents like you and we are willing to collect new submissions so we can start releasing and uploading new tracks to our youtube channel! We are happy to take new submissions and your music could be featured in one of our Music Mixs or even released as a single. For everyone else who is also reading this comment feel free to send your track so we can hear it and concider it!

All you have to fo is like and comment our last video and subscribe! (so we know you are supporting us and want to be a part of our channel) and then send us your music! You will find our mail in the channel description!
Good luck to you all and let’s start your career :)
Link is in bio :)

Score: -2
N.C.T7 months ago

Nice track !!
You have my vote !
please check my track "Alone" and my soundcloud !

Score: -2
Vale End
Vale End7 months ago

Garage Cowboy is now available in Talent Pool! ...........

Score: -2
MortezaNouri7 months ago

?! :/

Score: 2
Mikey Theo
Mikey Theo7 months ago

this is pretty terrible, to put it kindly. kudos for the 1 spot though

Score: 2
Phil Devon
Phil Devon7 months ago

voted! check out my new chill track called “Survive” :)

Score: -2
GusevAlex7 months ago

The second day on first place with such fuck-up, promoter very well seeks to.

Score: 2
Alkache7 months ago

Oooh!!! Really cool job .

Score: -4
OLSAF7 months ago

I would like to bring a thing to everyone's notice...Here most of the people In the top position are just cheaters who have enough money to get promotion, and know nothing about production and stuff.,like this garbage... I'm 17 and I live in a place which has no enthusiasm for music.... I make music at very low volume so my parents don't hear me.... And I'm so determined for music that I just can't live without making music.
.. I won't ask anyone to vote for my track if you don't think I'm eligible yet.. But I want you to once listen to my track and tell me if was not better than most of the of the tracks in top 20....
...i don't want to be at the top if I don't deserve it but I don't want anybody in the top while don't deserve it... Namaste

Score: -3
Alex  Tyson
Alex Tyson7 months ago

This song is absolutely shit.

But everyone who read this: Listen to my track with NICKI MINAJ and gimme some feedback :)


Score: 3
Djmoma7 months ago


Score: 0
Phil Kuper
Phil Kuper7 months ago

Nice one! You've got my vote! Vote me back please my last track calls "Avacanda" and thank's a lot!

Score: -2
EINNOSZ7 months ago

Pay for win?

Score: 2
M.K.7 months ago

follow my soundcloud I follow back

Score: -4
OkanSemiZz7 months ago

are you kidding me?

Score: 1
Miss Tonica  (M.T)
Miss Tonica (M.T)7 months ago

this is a shame for all hardworking producers😥

Score: 3
Marma Latoo
Marma Latoo7 months ago

Hello! Lehman Good track voted! Please vote if you like my new Track “Magic” I think you will like my unusual style of music.
I would be glad if you sent me support

Score: -5
PXZEL8 months ago

0/10 no good

Score: 4
Daniel Hilpas
Daniel Hilpas8 months ago


Score: 2
Daniel Hilpas
Daniel Hilpas8 months ago


Score: 2