song 6/8 for boss rush season 3 !!! this time i looked into skrillex, and put together a piece and learned so much about dubstep, seriously such a cool genre. Can you guess what song i took heavy inspiration from ??? Dont forget to vote if you like! and follow me on SC and IG for updates on all the new music, always putting something out !!


Z3NV056 minutes ago

Nice track actually, For me it's missing sub bass in drop, it would have much more power :)

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Liquaxis2 days ago

Good job...Nice track ! Keep up the good work . Voted

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VARE2 days ago

Hey man awesome track add me on facebook or instagram for contact you have a good production and that guitar is very nicee!!!!

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MASTROM4 days ago

Voted !

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Guantanamo Bae
Guantanamo Bae5 days ago

Sick, digging this track.

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iiedici6 days ago

This is awesome! Love the way it kind of weaves in and out of dubstep. Very well done.

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The Psψchologist

I always get a big smile on my face listening to your tracks. This is real fun. Keep it up mate!

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Alkache8 days ago

Oooh!!! Really cool job.

Your track sounds almost like Spinnin releases. Keep up the good work...

I will be very grateful if you listen to my new track Let's Dance and
give a constructive assessment

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Really osam man i love it

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Daniel Hilpas
Daniel Hilpas8 days ago

Heavy bru! it´s like 24 bits dubstep, nice! VOTED!
Can you listen my latest track "Spaceboy"? thanks C:

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Hesh9 days ago

PIXZEL dude... best one i’ve heard here... totally worth voting here🔥

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SoundHack TV
SoundHack TV9 days ago

We are a youtube channel named SoundHack TV. We come here to recognize new talents like you and we are willing to collect new submissions so we can start releasing and uploading new tracks to our youtube channel! We are happy to take new submissions and your music could be featured in one of our Music Mixs or even released as a single. For everyone else who is also reading this comment feel free to send your track so we can hear it and concider it!

All you have to fo is like and comment our last video and subscribe! (so we know you are supporting us and want to be a part of our channel) and then send us your music! You will find our mail in the channel description!
Good luck to you all and let’s start your career! :)
Link is in bio :)

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B!TER9 days ago

PXZEL, Overall this was pretty good! The mixing on this was well done! You got my like and I hope to see you in the top with me! I would say some minor tweaks might be needed depending on this specific genre! My pro tips are to ALWAYS side chain the Kick, snare, and high hats!!! The struggle is real with this ranking system so I ask for some honest feedback from you when and if you get this message on my new release "What The Fuck". It's a mixture of Death Metal, and Dubstep which creates a unique genre known as Deathstep! If you are a headbanger then I know you will enjoy it! FREE DOWNLOAD through my Soundcloud! I enjoyed your mix and I hope you enjoy mine! Thanks for providing me the opportunity to give you feedback, if you would like more in depth feedback from me please follow and message me on Soundcloud! I love giving tips to help others!

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OLSAF9 days ago

i'm a new producer and i would very much like to be friends and talk to everybody around here......i released my first full length track yesterday and tried to fix all my mixing issues in it........i'd be very happy if you could provide me an honest feedback on my track.......i promise i won't fail your expectations.........namaste

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Phil Kuper
Phil Kuper9 days ago

Hi there! Love this track! And vote for you! Please, vote me back too my last song "Avacanda" if you like it sure. Thank's a lot, and see you on top! Good luck!

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Vale End
Vale End9 days ago

Garage Cowboy is now available in Talent Pool!

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MortezaNouri9 days ago

It was very good quality

I voted

Please vote for me

My new mix in the name of hope
I hope you succeed

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SOUND FORMER10 days ago

Thank you PXZEL 🙂

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DJ Gaspard Olivier

amaziing dubstepsong voted

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Marma Latoo
Marma Latoo10 days ago

Hello! PXZEL Good track voted! Please vote if you like my new Track “Magic” I think you will like my unusual style of music.
I would be glad if you sent me support

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