this is my remix to jonas aden's 'tell me a lie' song. if you like it, feel free to vote for me! and don't forget to follow me aswell! :)


HypnoShiver2 months ago

Hey mate, HYPNOSHIVER here !!!
We already SUPPORTED YOUR TRACK to help you!!
We tried to create something DIFFERENT and SPECIAL for this contest!
We are 6 in the ranking, really happy to see that so many people appreciated our work!!

Go CHECK IT, so curious to know what’s your thoughs about it
If you like it help please us winning VOTING it!!
Best of luck!

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sun shi
sun shi5 months ago

Hello there..

We listened to your demo. Great job here :)

We really appreciate your work and we love your style.

Your track fits for our label.

We can sign and release your song(s) on our Record Label.

If you're interested, send more your music and we make a contract with you!

I'm a real person, you can listen my music here on spinnin talent pool! We dont need money from you for release! ❤

Best Greetings.. AY YO TRIP! Records ayyotriplabel@gmail. com

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ELZURIX5 months ago

This remix is one of my personal favorites it should have been the winner or at least second place, so good!

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Melodius5 months ago

Nice remix brother

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Howlee5 months ago

Nice sound design and very cool work with the vocal in the drop. In the first verse the vocal just stand a little bit too much out. Maybe some background pads or some atmosphere sounds like birds or so could also help in this part. Overall very creative, it's like a little journey with very unique part. The part at 2:21 with the chords as transition is amazing. Keep it up!

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Léo Ben Salem
Léo Ben Salem5 months ago

hey bro, it could be an honor if an DJ/producer
like you could make a feedback about my Remix of Jonas Aden "Tel Me A Lie"

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Volt-X5 months ago

Hey I did also a Remix for the Jonas Aden contest! Check out my channel and my Remix and vote for it if you like it 🙂

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Anhurt5 months ago


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Xennter5 months ago


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musicbystorm5 months ago

Hi The Arc, love this! voted for sure bro! vote back for my remix if you like it! thank you :))

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Rydz_music5 months ago

Liked ! The arc is on fire !
You need to check my futur house remix, I’m 18th. Could you please vote for me man, 2min of your life can change mine ! Cheers ;)

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Sickfrequency5 months ago

What an amazing track it is so glad a hear your remix 🔥♥️ !just voted make sure you do the same for me all the best

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KIRSCHBAUM5 months ago

Wow great intro :o
Nice remix, voted brooo :))
I rly would appreciate a vote back for Wadox & my remix of "Tell Me A Lie" :))

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ON_Musiceg5 months ago

Good Track Bro Well Done (Voted)
I Made A Remix Too Hope You Like It and Vote for me

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Mehmet KIR
Mehmet KIR5 months ago

I didnt expect that drop its good

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Y0urbestfriend5 months ago

I hope you win man! you stand out from the rest, this is so unique hahah

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Lotto music
Lotto music5 months ago

I loved your remix..

I invite you to listen to my remix and tell me your opinion
if you want you can vote for him

Thank you

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Elc5 months ago

Drop sound is really cool! I like it and voted!
I'm glad if you listen to Electro Step remix track "Tell Me A Lie".

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Mohit19995 months ago

Hi I voted ❤️👍 can you please check my track and give reviews

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Adiyosfab5 months ago

Myy winnerrr!!!!!!!

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