Hey fam! Danny Leax and me decided to join to this amazing contest. We hope you like and enjoy this one! Support the original artist (Jonas Aden): www.instagram.com/JonasAden/ www.facebook.com/JonasAdenMusic www.twitter.com/JonasAdenMusic @jonasaden Support Castion: www.instagram.com/castionmusic www.facebook.com/CastionMusic www.twitter.com/CastionMusic @castionmusic Support Danny Leax: www.instagram.com/dannyleax www.facebook.com/DannyLeax.official @danny-leax


Grey Noise
Grey Noise27 days ago

Wow, great remix, a well deserved winner!

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神豐8 months ago


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DJ Ratify
DJ Ratify8 months ago

congrats bro

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Maick-I8 months ago

Congratulations on winning this contest.
really a super nice track.

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JROG8 months ago

Well deseved win, I was rooting for you! GG

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ELZURIX8 months ago

Such a crazy remix. well done on winning the first place, you totally deserve that.

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Jados 2
Jados 28 months ago


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Mohit19998 months ago


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RIONSO8 months ago

Congrats on winning!!!!

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MarlinEuster8 months ago

FCKN AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Elfooli08 months ago

nigga reported, u copied my idea

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RedBandana8 months ago

I like the remix, appreciate it if you check out my style and share thoughts you might have on it.

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Rob's Exile
Rob's Exile8 months ago

i konw my comment will probably get lost somewhere between all those comments you already received, but it would mean the world for me if you could vote for my remix.
I also voted for you!

I wish you good luck and hope you will stay on your current chart position or make it even to the top position.

Have a nice day!

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Howlee8 months ago

I mean you understand your craft. I have listened to some other tracks from you (Castion). I love the transition/variation with the brass at 00:57. Nice groove. Everything sounds very coherent.

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Volt-X8 months ago

Hey I did also a Remix for the Jonas Aden contest! 🎹Check out my channel and my Remix and vote for it if you like it
thanks! ✌️

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Nick Wynn
Nick Wynn8 months ago

I voted for your track
Vote for my last track
Good luck to you

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aminemusic8 months ago

keep going !! Voted, man please check out my new remix for 'Tell Me A Lie' and vote pls :)

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Anhurt8 months ago

EPIC TRACK! I voted for you, I will be glad of your support of my Future House track!)

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GC PRODUCTIONS8 months ago

Nice one! Check out mine as well ;). Lets hope ours will win!

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Alan Irsara
Alan Irsara8 months ago

Nice Chop! I made a similar one, make sure to check it out!

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