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B£@T M@K£R$
B£@T M@K£R$6 months ago

Fuck you have been busy bro:)
How are you doing man

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MASTROM6 months ago

Hello , Cool track !!! I Voted

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MortezaNouri6 months ago

Check my new mix

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Alkache6 months ago

Oooh!!! Really cool job, Unek.

Your track sounds almost like Spinnin releases. Keep up the good work...

I will be very grateful if you listen to my new track Let's Dance and
give a constructive assessment

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Vale End
Vale End6 months ago

Garage Cowboy is now available in Talent Pool

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Mikey Theo
Mikey Theo6 months ago

wonderful track, UNEK!

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Phil Kuper
Phil Kuper6 months ago

Hi there! Love this track! And vote for you! Please, vote me back too my last song "Avacanda" if you like it sure. Thank's a lot, and see you on top! Good luck, and see you soon!!

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J3Q6 months ago

Hey there,
Nice EDM!
Check it out my original track "So Do I"
I vote your track!

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Yeach6 months ago

Nice track !!
You have my vote !!!
please check my track -Ghost- and my soundcloud !

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Madvyce6 months ago

Love it, voted ;)

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Lavenir6 months ago

great job !!!!! nice track !!!!!!! voted !!!!!

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Can Baond Music
Can Baond Music6 months ago

Nice and Cool Track VOTED...
Please listen to my remix --- Can Baond - Dreams vote and leave a comment if you like..
Thank you for your support

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OLSAF6 months ago

their is something wrong with this place currently........the people with money are going to the top whereas the hardworking crazy music enthusiasts are behind............
it feels bad when you see a less worthy person than you overtaking you just because he/she has some money......
for instance i spent a whole week hiding from my parents, making the track at very low volume so they don't hear it.........and putting my life in it.......and what do i see? the promoters threw some trash all over the place.........i'm not here asking for votes......i'm just hear to request everyone reading this to listen to my track and tell me if my track was a 100 times better than this bag of crap or not..........i reached from rank 455 to 66 in one day without promotion or any other money related stuff.....i think it was a result of my hardwork......i don't want to be at the top if i don't deserve it....but i also don't want to be left behind because some people can pay money for useless things.......i'm a boy of 17 and my parents don't support me for making music.....and i am trying my best to prove it to them........after the release of my track i received 550 listens in 4 days......but just listen to my track once and you decide whether i deserved more or less.....i promise i won't fail you......i am an honest person and i don't lie, cause according to me if i do lie then maybe i would be able to reach the top once but after that??? nothing........
so believe in me and i will accept any of your views for my style of making music.......if you don't like my song then leave a hatred comment....i will have no problem....BUT don't let these trash people stay in this area where hardworking people deserve to be.........NAMASTE

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JCELL6 months ago


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EINNOSZ6 months ago

great broh i like the drop, u got my voted. pls check my track :)
goodluck in your rank

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Alex  Tyson
Alex Tyson6 months ago

Hey, nice drop with a massive kickdrum.

Sounds cool. Voted.

Listen to my track with NICKI MINAJ and tell me what you think about it.


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Nick Wynn
Nick Wynn6 months ago

I voted for your track
Vote for mine
Good luck

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OLSAF6 months ago

to everyone who is reading this, i would like to convey something........
their are a lot of cheaters here who reach the top by fake votes and promotion......
im a boy of 17 and i dont have enough money to pay for these kind of non productive ways of takes the hell out of a producer to to give his best in his song.......i live in a place where their is no enthusiasm for music at all.......i secretly make music at very low volume hiding from my parents cause if they know that i do pc will be taken away from me and my dream of becoming a producer will break.........i don't want any vote which i don't deserve but i also don't want any person not capable of even arranging stuff reach the top........i won't ask for any of your votes but i just want you to listen to my track and tell me if it wasn't better than most of the people in the top.......yesterday i was on rank 455 and today i'm on decide whether i am eligible for higher ranks or not.......
i promise i won't fail your expectations........

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MSGsaltsweet6 months ago

Cool bass line.

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Skyflow6 months ago

GREAT TRACK M8!!! Check out my new track >>>> TREE OF LIFE

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