Demo track for Spinnin' Records Talent Pool. It's a excellent combination of rhythmic and synthetic sounds with the best dance music style!


JΞTPΔCK6 minutes ago

Good track mate!
Guys vote for my track Outline and i vote back!!

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PSYLAR1 hour ago

Voted! Please listen my track and thanks!

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xWolfsbane3 hours ago

Solid track mate, nice vibes there, voted for you!
Check out my latest track - "One Small Step" and leave a vote if you like it!
You can also follow me on SoundCloud, leave a like or comment. Have a good one!

Score: -2
Profed4 hours ago

Man, that sound very hard, i love it, voted! Also please check out my new track "RERACING" and give me feedback if you will enjoy it, thank you

Score: -2
quitemsic5 hours ago

damn that's nice!!
Vote back if you want :)

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NIKSON6 hours ago

nice one bro.
guys please vote on my track "Tribute" which i made in tribute of our legend Avicci

Score: -2
DJ YAMAL9 hours ago

Nice energy work men! VOTED!
please vote back my track Golden teacher)

Score: -2
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NALYRO10 hours ago

Hey! Nice track! Check mine too, it's made in Lithuanian Bass style similar to Dynoro, please vote back on it !

Score: -3
Adam George
Adam George11 hours ago

Nice and so cool bro

Score: -3
andre_official16 hours ago

Dope track, has some old school feel

Score: -2
JΞTPΔCK1 day ago

Good track mate!
Guys vote for my track Outline and i vote back!ll

Score: -1
@MusicbyLuis1 day ago

Nice drop ! Like it !! take also a look to my track INFECTED (on my profile), Hope u like it too. Please support with a like Thanks

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Okto1 day ago

work voted for you ! Please check out my new remix
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KSTI1 day ago

Really great track man!

Score: -3
JΞTPΔCK1 day ago

Good track, great job man, really!
Guys vote for my latest track "Outline" and I vote back 100%. Have a nice day

Score: -4
Rydz_music2 days ago

Veltone is on fire ! Great job, what a track ! VOTED ;)
Man, could you please vote back for my Flume - Rushing Back remix ? 2min can change my life bro, thank you in advance !
You can check my remix on soundcloud if you want : rydz11/flume-rushing-back-rydz-remix

Score: -3
Liquaxis2 days ago

Great job ! Keep in making

Score: -3
HippySpirit2 days ago

Hello there earth-tribe member!
You are here for a reason, so keep on creating!
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Pieter Dumon
Pieter Dumon2 days ago

Nice track. Voted! Keep up the good work...

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Yako Beatz
Yako Beatz3 days ago

Nice Track^ Voted! Please vote back My Last REMIX
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