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Lei music
Lei music7 days ago

Hey bro!nice work!I really appreciate what you doing!just keep up!Someday you will succeed!
voted! could you find some time to check out my new track, give me a opinion and maybe vote for me ? :)))))))`````

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Vale End
Vale End7 days ago

Garage Cowboy is now available in Talent Pool! ...........

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THE KIM8 days ago

o rly nice track Voted! Check my new track guys!

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SoundHack TV
SoundHack TV9 days ago

We are a youtube channel named SoundHack TV. We come here to recognize new talents like you and we are willing to collect new submissions so we can start releasing and uploading new tracks to our youtube channel! We are happy to take new submissions and your music could be featured in one of our Music Mixs or even released as a single. For everyone else who is also reading this comment feel free to send your track so we can hear it and concider it!

All you have to fo is like and comment our last video and subscribe! (so we know you are supporting us and want to be a part of our channel) and then send us your music! You will find our mail in the channel description!
Good luck to you all and let’s start your career :)
Link is in bio !!

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N.C.T9 days ago

Cool track
Really like it
You have my support :)
I am very appreciative if you could support my track "Alone" :) :) :)

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Vale End
Vale End9 days ago

Garage Cowboy is now available in Talent Pool! ...

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Alkache9 days ago

Oooh!!! Really cool job...

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Phil Kuper
Phil Kuper9 days ago

Nice one! You've got my vote! Vote me back please my last track calls "Avacanda" and thank's a lot! Good luck!)

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Marma Latoo
Marma Latoo10 days ago

Hello! VREAK Good track voted! Please vote if you like my new Track “Magic” I think you will like my unusual style of music.
I would be glad if you sent me support

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Daniel Hilpas
Daniel Hilpas10 days ago

Pretty experimental, AWERSOME! VOTED!
Can you listen my latest track "Spaceboy"? Thanks c:

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J3Q10 days ago

Hey there,
Nice Bootleg!
Check it out my original track "So Do I"
I vote your track!

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Star Combiner
Star Combiner10 days ago

Good work! Voted & Supported!

Check my latest track ''Black Trees'' and like back! :)

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Madvyce10 days ago

OMFG :O Broken, voted.

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djfuriouss10 days ago

Good track man, voted for you!
Check out my latest track 'Underground' and leave a vote if you like it!
You can also follow me on SoundCloud, leave a like or comment. Have a good one!

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Lavenir10 days ago

great track !!!!! keep it up !!!!!! voted !!!

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IIDVA10 days ago

good vibes, bro. Voted for your track, hope u'll like my new release DANCE.

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Can Baond Music
Can Baond Music11 days ago

Nice and Cool Track VOTED..
Please listen to my remix --- Can Baond - Dreams vote and leave a comment if you like..
Thank you for your support..............

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iamjaspreeet11 days ago

awesome bootleg bro voted for your bootleg ...can you please checkout my new track "Places" and give a vote if you like it..cheers

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AySes11 days ago

Even I am better, no hate ^^

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OLSAF11 days ago

.........IMPORTANT MESSAGE.......
guys something has gone wrong with this place........the fraud and promoted people are taking away the places of the deserved ones.....
like the guy on no 1.....davide salatino.......his track is complete garbage but he s on no. 1........
we got to stop voting him for getting back votes........if your track is good then you need not beg for votes......your hardwork is all it takes....for instance i spent a whole week hiding from my parents, making the track at very low volume so they don't hear it.........and putting my life in it.......and what do i see? the promoters threw some trash all over the place.........i'm not here asking for votes......i'm just hear to request everyone reading this to listen to my track and tell me if my track was a 100 times better than this bag of crap or not..........i reached from rank 455 to 66 in one day without promotion or any other money related stuff.....i think it was a result of my hardwork......i don't want to be at the top if i don't deserve it....but i also don't want to be left behind because some people can pay money for useless things.......i'm a boy of 17 and my parents don't support me for making music.....and i am trying my best to prove it to them........after the release of my track i received 550 listens in 4 days......but just listen to my track once and you decide whether i deserved more or less.....i promise i won't fail you......i am an honest person and i don't lie, cause according to me if i do lie then maybe i would be able to reach the top once but after that??? nothing........
so believe in me and i will accept any of your views for my style of making music.......if you don't like my song then leave a hatred comment....i will have no problem....BUT don't let these trash people stay in this area where hardworking people deserve to be.........NAMASTE

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