Mîke Echo
Mîke Echo4 days ago

Great work, I like your remix and your kick ! :)
I VOTED FOR YOU, If you vote on my sound "combat de demain" and leave a comment with your name on soundcloud, I give you support on Soundcloud.

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sun shi
sun shi5 days ago

Hello there...

We listened to your demo. Great job here :)

We really appreciate your work and we love your style.

Your track fits for our label.

We can sign and release your song(s) on our Record Label.

If you're interested, send more your music and we make a contract with you!

I'm a real person, you can listen my music here on spinnin talent pool! We dont need money from you for release! ❤

Best Greetings.. AY YO TRIP! Records ayyotriplabel@gmail. com

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Daniel Bohen
Daniel Bohen5 days ago

I voted for your track.
If you have a moment, please check out my song “As You Are”, and vote back if you liked it ;)
Thank you.
Good luck. ❤

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Akashii6 days ago

Hey there!

Hope you are having a nice day! If you are seeing this then that means I have voted for this track of yours!

But I am very much sorry that I couldn't check out your track due to having very little free time but hey good luck mate!

And I would really appreciate it if you could vote for my remix for The Him featuring Norma Jean Martine.

Wishing you all the best towards your dreams!

Happy Spinninning!


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Tom VerXon
Tom VerXon7 days ago

Hi, your track is really good! I see that there is work and that you have put passion in to it. I hope you're going to go high in the ranking.
If you have 5 mins, can you check my last track LookUp remastered whose theme is dubstep and EDM. It's fun and punchy, I hope you'll enjoy it. . If you like it, please vote for it. If you like my music in general, don't hesita te to put a comment on Soundcloud or Instagram, it encourages me. I thank you in advance and good luck to you.

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Steve Portell
Steve Portell8 days ago

Hey 🙂 I did a Remix for the Jay Hardway contest 🎹 - check out my channel and vote for my song if you like it !✌️

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Lavenir10 days ago

this is dope !!!!! great mix !!!!! voted !!!!!

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Diego Almaraz
Diego Almaraz10 days ago

Bro, sounds good...congrats!!!!

If you can, please, vote my new remix in the remix contest [Jay Hardway - Wild Mind]

Thx man!!!

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RalphHalkett10 days ago

Great! Rip Paul :( I voted, please like my new remix.

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J3Q10 days ago

Hi there,
Nice Work,Mate!
Check it out my new track "ShockWave!"
Impressive Battle Mix!

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Wainscott10 days ago

This is a crazy remix!

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KSTI11 days ago

Great remix ! ;)

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@MusicbyLuis11 days ago

cool track man,,, VOTED !!!! Like it !! take also a look to my track INFECTED (on my profile), Hope u like it too.
Please support also with your VOTE Thanks!!

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Justmylørd11 days ago

Nice trakc!
Please vote back for my In My Arms remix

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Justmylørd11 days ago

Really cool track. Voted.
Please vote for my In mY Arms remix !!!

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Susomix12 days ago

I already gave you my vote,
Good luck in your ranking
If you have a moment, I would appreciate it if you would review my latest track
"Dance Now"
Let me know what you think with a comment or a vote.
Thank you very much for your support

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Andy Jaymes
Andy Jaymes12 days ago

Hey, Great track good job! You have my vote. If you wouldnt mind heading over and voting for my latest track "Miss You" if you enjoy it! Thanks Andy Jaymes .

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SuperRichard44412 days ago

Top Track
Voted 4 you
Check my New Track out SuperRichard444 "New Age" and Comment there.
All the Best in the Talent Pool and Keep it Up !!

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PSYLAR13 days ago

Salvatore’s ganacci vibes! Please check “yagya “ “& “nirvana “ and comment .ahhh I voted for you!

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Keysa13 days ago

Tha's Crazy! Voted you BAE! Love your style, if you want check my new Bootleg of "tons An I - Dance Monkey"!

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