The Him – In My Arms (feat. Norma Jean Martine) (tyfëhr Remix) Contest


Recvey5 months ago


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Lifeless Humans
Lifeless Humans5 months ago

Mix is nice, i liked those electronic guitar chords and there are lots of elements in the beginning. Then their this melody which comes out slowly, lovely. Then the drop part is also cool, i wish you that bass have more sound to it same as analog bass, "chung chung" Overall a very good nice and feel :) Voted

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Dj Wolf-Dano
Dj Wolf-Dano5 months ago

So sick bro!!! I love it!! Your style it's perfect for EDM rhythm, voted absolutely!!, makes me feel something inside, fills a hollow, i swear in the future we could made a collab!! You have my support!!

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Pitinho18115 months ago

Está top mano! Já votei!!

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babybassplayers5 months ago

Excellent job bro. Really good remix!! Voted!!!

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Djtibias5 months ago

Voted!! that is very well produced man!! Good luck!

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CarlaCosta995 months ago

Muito Bom Tyfehr!!!

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ricardopedra5 months ago

This track is fire!! Voted!!

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Andrew Woolfi
Andrew Woolfi5 months ago

great sounding track, I really like it, thanks for the evaluation. Put 5/5 and big like this track =)

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Abel & Aaron
Abel & Aaron5 months ago

Hey Bro! What’s Up, we listen to your song and it's just DOPE! You have our vote! We thank you for supporting us with your VOTE. Good luck in the contest.


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Léo Ben Salem
Léo Ben Salem5 months ago

hey bro, it could be an honor if an DJ/producer
like you could make a feedback about my Remix of The Him "In My Arms"

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Unkn?wn5 months ago

I really like the melody, good job!

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Oliver Rios
Oliver Rios5 months ago

Excellent job bro. Really good remix, it has a rhythm and a very well structured melody.

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Jonnyprod1915 months ago

Awesome remix,fits perfectly with the voice,voted!!

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BLiNK :-)
BLiNK :-)5 months ago

Thank u for voting me. I voted back❤

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Lenny Ditch
Lenny Ditch5 months ago

Hi Tyfëhr, love your track (and name ^-^ ) man, voted for it, would appreciate it if you could check out my remix too <3

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martinblaze5 months ago

Hello Friend
Excellent remix work.
I have you my vote
Good luck in your ranking

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V£ktar5 months ago

Amazing idea.....everything just falls into place!!!! the variation of ideas!!!...Nice one....definitely Voted!!!

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jaspreeetmusic5 months ago

already voted bro nice remix

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Akashii5 months ago

Just voted for you! Very much good luck!

Would appreciate it if you voted for me as well..

Sorry that I couldn't check out your remix because of having very little free time but best of luck mate! :D

Cheers. Happy spinninning!

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