The Him – In My Arms (feat. Norma Jean Martine) (tyfëhr Remix) Contest


Akashii1 month ago

Just voted for you! Very much good luck!

Would appreciate it if you voted for me as well..

Sorry that I couldn't check out your remix because of having very little free time but best of luck mate! :D

Cheers. Happy spinninning!

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Rodrigo Cedillo
Rodrigo Cedillo1 month ago

Hey! I think you need to work more on your melodies to make them more interesting, overall good work keep it up!
Voted back

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SLUSH LIFE1 month ago

Nice Sound! My Tips: Make the Intro shorter, make a bit more effects in your buildup and use more Kickstart in your Drop;)))) I think than it would Sound professional;))))

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BORG_OFFICIAL1 month ago

Voted!! Nice mix up, best of luck 🎶

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Leo B
Leo B1 month ago

hey bro, it could be an honor if an DJ/producer
like you could make a feedback about my Remix of The Him "In My Arms"

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Lotto music
Lotto music1 month ago

Hello how are you
I loved your remix very well
Keep up the good work

if you want you can go listen to my remix
I would greatly appreciate it
and if you like it you can vote for the

my remix is ​​future bounce

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shggy_music1 month ago

nice work dude! love it))) voted;

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OfficialBR1AN1 month ago

Pretty good work!! Voted!!! Thank you for supporting "The Unspeakable World."

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Novis1 month ago

Really awesome work man! Voted for sure man! Maybe if you have some time you can have a listen to my remix as well

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wilddemian1 month ago

Beautiful remix, it transmits me a lot of peace and desire to be on a sunset drinking a daikiri, I love it.
Wish you the best dude!!

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Andre-J1 month ago

great work here, nice mix - voted

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Pedro Coelho1 month ago

Nice work!! Voted for sure!!

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Leon kavanagh
Leon kavanagh1 month ago

It's good

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Merovingio Deejay

really really a great arrangement, great sounds, very good dynamics really, really important. I voted for you!

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Marc Tomé
Marc Tomé1 month ago

nice job, voted, all the best

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Leon kavanagh
Leon kavanagh1 month ago


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Touya1 month ago

Wow. Your remix deeply go though another emotion of "In My Arms" that my remix can't do it. So I vote!

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UNEK1 month ago

Voted back broo 👍

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Leon kavanagh
Leon kavanagh1 month ago


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KIRSCHBAUM1 month ago

Wow cool idea! Nice remix :))
I rly would appreciate a vote back for my new remix of "In My Arms" :))

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Leon kavanagh
Leon kavanagh1 month ago

Thanks man

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Over The Top
Over The Top1 month ago

Hey man! Sick remix!!
Could you check mine out too!!

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Rubén Guerin
Rubén Guerin1 month ago

Nice! Will vote :)

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Speero1 month ago


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