Tones And I - Dance Monkey(Keysa Bootleg) (Download on Soundcloud)


Djmoma7 months ago

Hi , nice track voted :) , pls check my last remix " In My Arms ( Dj Moma Remix ) { Just 3 Day to finish Contest ,10th Place ]
Good luck-/*

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WEYA7 months ago

Really great remix! Loving the melody! I voted & you got my support! We all want exposure on this platform so why don't you take a look and send some love & feedback on my latest track ”ALONE”, an emotional track with lots of synth and pluck layers with a Matisse&Sadko style. I hope you’ll like it
Stay awesome and creative. See you at the top! Thanks!

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Akashii7 months ago

Hey there!

Hope you are having a nice day! If you are seeing this then that means I have voted for this track of yours!

But I am very much sorry that I couldn't check out your track due to having very little free time but hey good luck mate!

And I would really appreciate it if you could vote for my remix for The Him featuring Norma Jean Martine.

Wishing you all the best towards your dreams!

Happy Spinninning!


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DNDY7 months ago

Voted !!! my new music is out can check, if you like please Vote... Thanks......

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LI3R7 months ago

Hallo Keysa!
Great Work, great Track and great everything!
I am in love with the vibes!
Saved this, and also voted for your Track.
I hope it will help you to push this to the top!
If you wan´t you can help me out aswell by voting for my Track too.
It would mean the world for me!

Best regards

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Stereo Vibes
Stereo Vibes7 months ago

Yeah nice bootleg! Sounds prety good for me and groove made my head shaking ;) Definitely support! Wish u get high!

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EmotionsStructure7 months ago

Monkeys liked it;)

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Steve Portell
Steve Portell7 months ago

Hi 🙂 I did a Remix for the Jay Hardway contest 🎹 - check out my channel and vote for my song if you like it!!! ✌️

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Movatic7 months ago

Voted. good job :)

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Konie7 months ago

Great Work! Love your style, Voted!

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Lavenir7 months ago

this is dope !!!!!! great mix !!!!!! voted !!!!!

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Keysa7 months ago

Thanks, we are reaching the podium! it's a good rush! Your song "aurora" it's dope!

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Liquaxis7 months ago

Good job ! Nice track...Keep up the good work... Voted !!!

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Keysa7 months ago

Thanks bro! I've listen your song "Mason "Rhino" - Liquaxis & Dupex (Remix)", Loving it! Keep up work on your style!

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Alextar7 months ago

One of the best remix that i've heard about Dance Monkey! Absolutely Voted! I hope you wiil get the best position for your song!

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Speero7 months ago


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Keysa7 months ago

Great bro!

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Alkache7 months ago

I's so beautiful )))

I wish you good luck in your musical work

and I will be glad for the same from you .

I really hope for your assessment of my music ...

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@MusicbyLuis7 months ago

cool stuff,, well done, VOTED !!!! Like it !! take also a look to my track INFECTED (on my profile), Hope u like it too.
Please support also with your VOTE Thanks!!

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John Avo
John Avo7 months ago

Voted for this song it is a good remix!

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rougdrag7 months ago

Hello KEYSA,
Nice one,
My new remix is out now,
I`hope you like it,
Please Vote for me!!

Love and Peace

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LAFAYETTE ✪7 months ago

this is so cool i like it and voted ! can you please vote back for my track "Rise" ?

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NIKSON7 months ago

love your track. I will vote for you.
guys can you please listen to my new and 1st track "Tribute" that i made in tribute of late Avicii. and please vote,,

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