Tech house, electro tastes.


DIONESIUM7 months ago

Hey there...

If you want an extra vote please do the following...

1)Vote for my latest track, Graves feat. Jason Qiu
2)Comment letting me know that you've voted.
3)Wait for a bit and I'll return the favor..

Thanks A lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Mitro7 months ago

Sick track dude! You really have my vote!

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Stefran7 months ago

Nice work. seems like you are getting it right :D
ionly a little more work on the mastering parts: Compression, saturation and maxing to really get it smashing through the speakers!" but really great job overall man (y)

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Cryptic Sound
Cryptic Sound7 months ago

Check my track, then I will check yours! :)

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BLiNK :-)
BLiNK :-)7 months ago

Hi!!! My name is BLiNK. Check out my remix of Jay Hardway - Wild Mind
WTF. Voted. I love the texture pad in the drop. Good Basses and vibe. Voted

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ketul_337 months ago

Nice track nice 👌 music 👌 voted for you and you can vote for me good luck

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LI3RMusic7 months ago

Voted for you!
Really great Track, deserves the first place!
If you want to help me too then check me out :)
I dropped a new single "LI3R- Monster"
Check it out and leave a vote/comment if you like it,
Also feel free to check my Soundcloud <3

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z3ntmusic7 months ago


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NRAVV7 months ago

They don’t love me! (((

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Carter H
Carter H7 months ago

Nice tech house man! I love how minimal and progressive this sounds. Voted! Keep it up!!

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M I S T E R O7 months ago

good bass designe ....a bit off to stay at spinnin pool... btw great exposure ! good job so far

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DELETED #210790
DELETED #2107907 months ago

House music is a religion, nice one bro.

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Silvius7 months ago

Hey great track, voted.
Please could you listen my remix track for your opinion?? Thanks a lot

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Velocity X
Velocity X7 months ago

Please check out and vote for my Latest track ''Alone (remix)'' I have spent alot of time mixing and creating a unique sound and i feel like its my best project so far <3
Nice track mate! voted

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Memix7 months ago

Good track! I vote! Please vote my Remix of “Alone (feat. Anjulie & Jeffrey Jey)“ if you like it

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SweatyMushroomz7 months ago

Hey, I love this track. I voted (for real) Can you please vote back on my new track “Chica” Thank you!!

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KIRSCHBAUM7 months ago

Wow groovy :))
I rly would appreciate a vote back for my remix of "Wild Mind" :))

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Wade Jams
Wade Jams7 months ago

Nice clean mix 👍

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Brook Gee Records
Brook Gee Records7 months ago

VOTED. Huge new tune 'Angels Fall' is out now on our label! Check it out on our page. Regards, Brook Gee Records

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OLSAF7 months ago

hi everyone..........I want to convey one thing to all of you reading this.....
their are some people in top 20 who like don't know even the most basic stuff in production.......all of us......the hard working producers spent a hell lot of time in production but because of some shit people we are not able to come this isn't fair........i have never asked for votes and neither will I.......
if people like my track they will vote me......but all i ask is to go listen to my track and tell me if it wasn't better than many of the promoted tracks......

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