Bored and then decided to work on this chill track....hope you enjoy


D@no7 months ago

Defently voted like your style!! 🔥

Score: 1
DJ DEN7 months ago


Great Job! Cool sounds! Well done! I'm LIKED for you!
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Dizzy Pordovic
Dizzy Pordovic7 months ago

I like the mood of this track and great vibes - leaving you my vote! :)
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Good luck in charting!

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EferJet7 months ago

I like the mood of this track and great vibes - leaving you my vote! :)
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Good luck in charting!

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Recvey7 months ago

cool,voted,vote my new track please!!!!111

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J3Q7 months ago

Hi there,
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Your track is impressive!
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Niklas Long
Niklas Long7 months ago

Very nice track man! I really like it! I just voted for you ;)

Score: 1
VIER7 months ago

Hi Vektar, Just listened to your track. and I say that this is sick, bro. I love it's rhythm. it's vibe and groove are really good, so great job, dude, voted. And also please check out my last track. I need to know what you think of it. Vote back and leave a comment if you really like it

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MD3SIGN7 months ago

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greate work!! :)
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If you will leave a detailed feedback, i promise to return a detailed feedback too!

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Akashii7 months ago

Already voted! :D :D :D

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Leo Ben7 months ago

hey bro, it could be an honor if an DJ/producer
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EnergyWolf7 months ago

Great Track I like it😀 and you get my vote😀
But vote me back
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Score: 1
Shaejox7 months ago

wow what a good song I congratulate you, you have my vote.
I would like you to listen to my new song "Hope for the world", and if you like it, leave your vote, thank you.

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WEYA8 months ago

I like what I hear! Loving the chill vibes! I voted & you got my support! We all want exposure on this platform so why don't you take a look and send some love & feedback on my latest track ”ALONE”, an emotional track with lots of synth and pluck layers with a Matisse&Sadko style but blended with my own style of production. I hope you’ll like it
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Phil Devon
Phil Devon8 months ago

nice track man!! Really dig this! Voted :) Check out my new remix for Sam Smith's track "Dancing With A Stranger" It is nicely chilled! ! :)

Score: 1
Rubén Guerin
Rubén Guerin8 months ago

Super cool! Voted, hope you can vote me too :)

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V£ktar8 months ago

thanx for the support guys and encouragement!!!☺☺☺👍 really means a lot!!

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TomKarlek8 months ago

Thanks for your comment bro , really glad you liked , I also liked very much your track , deep house feeling...
I sended a message to you on SC
All the best

Score: 1