DayFox & Scandinavianz - Tuvalu


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masonparks4 months ago

Good job! Make sure to check out my song "Proud" that I just submitted to the talent pool.

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DropBurners4 months ago

Hi !!! Your track is record breaking, in my opinion it’s one of the bests I heard recently!
Of course voted !!! I’d appreciate if you go to my profile and view my latest remix, Tungevaag .
Hope you won’t stop doing music !!! Keep going man !!!!.!

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Lavenir4 months ago

Good job...Nice track...!!!Keep up the good work...!

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Anthony P.
Anthony P.4 months ago

really good work !!!! great !! :D
hope you can have a look at my latest remix and vote!

My instagram: @apswiss

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d2 squad
d2 squad4 months ago

Wow your track is so lit🔥🔥

Please visit my profile and listen my latest track (Knockout Remix)
Like and leave a comment if you like

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DOOM1N4 months ago

Amazing song!! Vote for vote????

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BIONT ✪4 months ago

Nice track DAIFOX!!! LIKED!!! Cool idea, great sounds and nice mix as well!!!
If you have time please checkout my latest release called "Chillin'" and please vote back.
I hope that you'll reach your goals...Keep it up bro!!!

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EYES PRXDA4 months ago

so fr yo love it voted and liked check me out!

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Russell Nisbet
Russell Nisbet4 months ago

Always bringing out good tracks! I've voted for it! Would appreciate it if you could also give me a vote back on my new track "Mist" Cheers :D

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TOM PRIME4 months ago


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Fullpoy4 months ago

Hi your track is really good and I voted for you, could you vote back for my last track please ?+/

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Monkey Pistols
Monkey Pistols4 months ago

Hey bro! I realy liked your album cover and logo! Nice song! Congrats!

Check out my demo, it's a Brazilian Samba House.

Na Moral - Monkey Pistols.

If you like it, vote! Thanks!

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J3Q4 months ago

Hi there,
I have been vote to your track, could you vote mine?
Your track is impressive!
Check it out my new track Rave House

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Mattsoto4 months ago

cool stuff bro, VOTED for you!! Please listen my new remix "Tungevaag - Knockout (Mattsoto Remix)" and vote if you like the remix..
Thank you so much..

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javisosaoficial4 months ago

heeei, im Javi Sosa from, Good track you got my vote!, and if you like my songs vote it and please follow me in instagram @javisosahn

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ReyMod.com4 months ago

good for you, for being among the best!!!!, I'm pleased that my vote is there for you, I admit your work! :D I hope you do not forget to listen to my music!

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Pando G
Pando G4 months ago

Hey Day

most of the others are fake comments please check out my page for real feedback
anyways your song was good mix was good bass was solid and overall good song
check out my new remix i know you will like it
Dua Lipa Last Dance (Pando G)Remix
Pando G

i love to also a follow for follow thing
and i voted

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NIXXO ✅4 months ago

M4lu X Quinto X Nixxo - Ahhh FUNKY HOUSE :)

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PILLØW4 months ago

Great work bro!please check my single and vote!”Adney - Cause Me” Thanks!!!!

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Exhal34 months ago


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