Happy Sadness

Guantanamo Bae

Both emotions at one time.


CasaOfficial6 months ago

This is really nice!! Melodic but still danceable. Voted!!!

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Tâylör Monröe
Tâylör Monröe6 months ago

Congrats..NICE TRACK...voted...ps...check out my track 'calming waters' and give a thumbs uppp

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Elc6 months ago

Vocal effect sound is really cool! I like it and voted!
I'm glad if you listen to Hard Dance remix track "Knockout".

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WillRMXReturn6 months ago

please voted im my sound
Dance of Spirits

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DARI6 months ago

Really cool track! Voted! Not something you hear every day! Please check out my latest; "DARI - Tonight"

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RyanLey6 months ago

word pretty good

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Unkwn psycho
Unkwn psycho6 months ago

This is seriously a really great track man! Job well done :) Voted and supported

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Bluebatti6 months ago

Wow, really fantastic track! Full sound and nice drop! I like it! You got my vote! Please vote back my last track if you like! Thanks!

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Persz6 months ago

Amazing, Voted!

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GFE ultra
GFE ultra6 months ago

Real nice track!!! Voted!

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The Dieu
The Dieu6 months ago

Very good mixing, nice job. I liked👍

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TRYLOWMUSİC6 months ago

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Joel Avalo
Joel Avalo6 months ago

I voted for your track.
I hope you could do the same and vote back on my track “Gloomy Night In Russia”.
Good luck :((

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ELI-ZIER6 months ago

great track! love the lead and I love how you an actually feel both emotions behind the song keep it up! emotion is everything!

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Jobrektho6 months ago

Very melodic, I vote!
Please vote back for my latest track! Thanks!

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Jocholatte6 months ago

Cutie lead hahahaha , btw would you like to help me on my new Knockout remix ? I will be thanks a lot if you do.

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marshmello vibessss

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VERCEANTT6 months ago

CHECK THIS OUT >>> Knockout (VERCEANTT REMIX), actually you'll get the Vibes!!!!

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sun shi
sun shi6 months ago

Hello there..

We listened to your demo. Great job here :)

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d2 squad
d2 squad6 months ago

Wow your track is so lit🔥🔥

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