Little Producer From Neverland, i hope you enjoy it.


Yuri Kim
Yuri Kim1 month ago

Amazing track, I loved it! Very well produced and this vocal is great!
Check out my remix of "Letters" and vote for it, if you like it! Thank you Mattsoto!

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DJ Ascon
DJ Ascon5 months ago

Hey Mattsoto!
Awesome track!πŸ’ͺ Good drums and clean mixing! I really like it!
I VOTED FOR YOU! You got my full support!
Would be nice if you'd vote back on my latest release!βœ…
Keep it up and I'm exited to hear your tracks in the future!✌️😊

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DTX.off5 months ago

Great music! I vote for you!
Could you go see my new remix "Feel" by Curbi and vote for me!
Have a nice day!

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EmiSkull6 months ago

Hey Mattsoto! This is drugtastic, man! Voted!

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Piero Bertolini
Piero Bertolini6 months ago

Man, you have something very different here, in a very good way, those chords make me feel like I'm at the beach doing acid. I loved your mix and the sound selection, one of my favorites entries so far. Good luck in the contest and check my remix if you can and tell me what you think. Keep up the good work.

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THE END6 months ago


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Pastoo6 months ago

excellent work bro i love the vibes πŸ˜‰

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daa-musicusa6 months ago

Hi MATTSOTO, good job. I voted! Please check and listen to and Vote for my remix. Thank you very much for your support, and good luck in the contest. Best regards, DAA

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DropBurners6 months ago

Hi !!! Your track sounds amazing, You got my support !!! The melody is clear and idea just destroyed my mind, keep doing that kind of music cause it’s definitely WORTH. I’d appreciate that if you come and check my remix Tungevag !!! Best regards DROPBURNERS !!!

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Dj Tuero
Dj Tuero6 months ago

very good your track now I invite you to listen to mine until the end :$ !!!!

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Dj Tuero
Dj Tuero6 months ago

very good your track now I invite you to listen to mine until the end !!!!

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Vyel6 months ago

Love the chords and all the sound design you did on this one! Nice one mate! Check my tropical house remix as well :)

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CasaOfficial6 months ago

So complex. So good!! Voted!

If you don't mind, please check our remix out too!

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DrNooo6 months ago

cool remix, voted back

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DCRPD6 months ago

Thx for the support of my latest Never Again

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DJ SoundBlaster30
DJ SoundBlaster306 months ago

So Different than the Original Mix!!! But so nice that are Differences in this World! :-D XD
You Have My Vote!
Good Luck With Your Rankings!!!

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Elshad6 months ago

i vote for your track)

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VictorV aka Trance Factory Project


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EINNOSZ6 months ago

Great vibes dude, voted n supported
Check my bootleg too;)

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Merovingio Deejay
Merovingio Deejay6 months ago

great remix! I voted for you!

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