Lucas Wolf
Lucas Wolf1 day ago

Very good remix, like it (the best is second break), and yes i want ur help or feedback (@vlk_lucas)

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HypnoShiver3 days ago

Hey mate, HYPNOSHIVER here !!!
We already SUPPORTED YOUR TRACK to help you!!
We tried to create something DIFFERENT and SPECIAL for this contest!
We are 6 in the ranking, really happy to see that so many people appreciated our work!!

Go CHECK IT, so curious to know what’s your thoughs about it
If you like it help please us winning VOTING it!!
Best of luck!

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THE END3 days ago

BAD LUCK TO ALL DISHONESTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Fullpoy4 days ago

Your track is really good and I voted for you, could you vote back for my last track please++

Score: 1
daamusicusa4 days ago

Hi RAJIT GARG, good job. I voted! Please check and listen to and Vote for my remix. Thank you very much for your support, and good luck in the contest. Best regards, DAA

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DropBurners4 days ago

Hi !!! Your track sounds amazing, You got my support !!! The melody is clear and idea just destroyed my mind, keep doing that kind of music cause it’s definitely WORTH. I’d appreciate that if you come and check my remix Tungevag !!! Best regards DROPBURNERS !!!

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Dj Tuero
Dj Tuero4 days ago

very good your track now I invite you to listen to mine until the end :$

Score: 1
DCRPD5 days ago

Voted thanks for the support of my latest Never Again

Score: 1
Crude Noise
Crude Noise5 days ago

I agree with the comment underneath, would've been good to introduce those leads in the build up. Still though really solid remix man it has my vote :) If you get a second I uploaded a remix for this competition as well and would love it if you could check it out!

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Loewe5 days ago

I like the song and the Bass maybe if you would have hinted at the drop elements in the Build up.

Score: 1
Maxi Rozh
Maxi Rozh5 days ago

amazing track

Score: 1
Alex Glowing
Alex Glowing5 days ago

Great track. Voted. Good luck in the contest.

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d2 squad
d2 squad5 days ago

good job man i vote for you
vote me back

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Mauricio Valenzuela

Hi Rajit Garg, Awesome Remix!!! I voted!
Please check and vote again for my tungevaag remix, I had to post it again, so I lost the comments and votes.
Thank you very much!!

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Merovingio Deejay

a really good remix! i vote for you!

Score: 1
Llawx5 days ago

Thanks for your vote rajit... Just voted back

Score: 1
$T3PIN$IDEBEATZ5 days ago

good job! voted! thanks for all!

Score: 1
d2 squad
d2 squad6 days ago

great remiix
sound was is good
i vote u plz vote back me ...///

Score: 1
gravagerz6 days ago

dope one bro! congrats! Mine is out aswell, if you wanto go check it and vote for it if you like it!!!

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UNDERSLAP6 days ago

Great remix!! Supported!
have a look at my latest remix and vote if you like too....

My instagram: @underslapmusic

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