I love Ibiza, so I made this song


MOIZDHE3 years ago

excellent track voting friend, if not too much to ask could you vote for my demo, if it is to your liking thousand colors called blessings and greetings. ?¿¿

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Debro's3 years ago

Awesome track. You have my vote!!! Check my brand new remix of "can't fight it" and vote if you like. thx:))

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Julyan Jerome
Julyan Jerome3 years ago


Please support me back by listening to my latest track ´Greedy´ (My Profile> Tracks> Greedy) and maybe even let me know what you think about it. If you feel like remixing it by any chance, you can grab the midi and audio stems from my soundcloud profile description.

Best of luck!


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Y.F.N.D3 years ago

awesome track voted! vote for my remix of can't fight it !
much appreciated

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CLBeat3 years ago

Nice track, think you could give mine a look?
Check out my contest tab!
Would appreciate it :)
Thanks. ????????????????????

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Miltreo3 years ago

This track is awesome! You have my vote! Check me out too, follow, comment, spread the love and vote for my remix "Summer on You"! I’ll do the same! I am counting on you!

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PowerJackHD3 years ago

Voted, amazing track bro. Vote for my new track 'Dropgun Ninja Okan Semiz Remix'. Thank you sow much ...

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Marky V-lectro
Marky V-lectro3 years ago

Well done,P B! Please check out my track New Life as well. Thanks! ... Good luck!

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Nicolas Paz
Nicolas Paz3 years ago

Voted! Nice Synths bro!
Please support me back by listening to my new track ´Pikachu´ and maybe even let me know what you think about it. That will help me so much to make my dreams true.
Thank you!¡

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Léo Ben Salem
Léo Ben Salem3 years ago

Voted! Please vote back.

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Trennik3 years ago

i voted for you :)

if you like to, listen to my song for the remix of "Sam Feldt - Summer On You" (Contest section) and vote for it :)

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TheMuter3 years ago

Voted, Check Out My Remix
"Vassy - nothing To Lose (Remix)

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Francis Bennet3 years ago

My vote! Hi I am artist from Russia! I like your work and I want to share my track! I would be very grateful if you appreciate my track Mornin day! All good and positive sea!z

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Kaux3 years ago

Keep it up man!. I recommend you work a little bit more on being coordinated with the bpm, otherwise the song has originality!

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Naoki P
Naoki P3 years ago

nice work! i voted :)
please check out my track "Loneliness"!

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Radello3 years ago

VOTED!! Awesome track man!! VOTE back at my new track "Zamurai"!!
Hope you like it!

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Miltreo3 years ago

!Nice track with great melody! Voted! ! Please check my song "Dancer" and give me a vote!

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Saggian3 years ago

gooddd work :) ... VOTED !!
Do check my track - SAGGIAN - PRAYERS TO YOU :)
Cheerssss ! :)

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`-`. gazzle.   '-'
`-`. gazzle. '-'3 years ago

very nice ...........please listen my "INTOXICATED "remix ....please vote if you like it thanks ..-..

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Voted! Cool track! Please check our new track “HOLD ME (NEW VERSION)”

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