ReyMod.com4 months ago

good for you, for being among the best!!!!, Im pleased that my vote is there for you, I admit your work!! I hope you do not forget to listen to my music!

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Mikey Theo
Mikey Theo4 months ago

nice track, this hits heavy i dig it! well done my friend

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VERCEANTT4 months ago

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By the way, Nice track dude love it vote it, Keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Unknown3213214 months ago

This song hard af!!!s

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Chris Voss
Chris Voss4 months ago

Hey Hardie! Thanks for your vote! Voted back man! Keep it up and go hard or go home ;-)

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EnergyWolf4 months ago

Voted back:)

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Andrew Terpo
Andrew Terpo4 months ago

Nice track! Voted! Please listen and vote my new track "The Basses In Myself" and if you want follow me.

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FERLOARG4 months ago

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KidEast4 months ago

YEAHH! Nice track man!
Keep up the good work!
You have my vote!! I hope you'll get high in ranking mate! :)

(if you have 1 minute, please check out my newest release 'waterfall') if you want ;)

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2000's4 months ago

Hi bro,the idea is cool,but i would try to add some movement in the drop and change something on the main lead,hope you accept constructive criticism

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Batuhan Aydil
Batuhan Aydil4 months ago

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rougdrag4 months ago

Rave around the world🤗
Thank you so much for vote and comment,
Here is your Rave vote back 👍🙂
Good luck,

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MOIZDHE4 months ago

votado amigo excelente material,me gusto los sonidos cálidos que utilizaste ,me gustaría que votaras `por mi demo¨OASIS¨,dejame un comentario para saber que fuiste tú gracias y mucho exito hermano

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EIVISSO x CBASS4 months ago

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T3ddy133vr4 months ago

OOOH damn good job

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Unknown3213214 months ago

Awsome track man!h

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Dj Zryan
Dj Zryan4 months ago

This is so cool i like it and VOTED ! can you please VOTE back for my track (Midnight hour Remix) ? That will be great , Thank you for Your track.!!!

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BORG_OFFICIAL4 months ago

Crazy cool vibes 🎶✊🏻 Got my vote

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Natalee Borisenko
Natalee Borisenko4 months ago

Awesome mix! My support.

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Berlin Echoes
Berlin Echoes4 months ago

Voted for you hardie
This track is really great !
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I hope you like it !
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