Really proud of this new one !!! Hope you will enjoy this song :) Follow Älskar: Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: Spotify:

DTX.off1 month ago

Great music! I vote for you!
Could you go see my new remix "Feel" by Curbi and vote for me!
Have a nice day,

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NEV-R1 month ago

cool, you've clearly developed your own unique style which is awesome. A great mix too with appropriate instrument choices throughout, can't fault anything here. Keep up the great work! Feel free to take a look at my latest track if you: like :)

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A-Dyad1 month ago

This track has a really nice groove, a fantastic quality in mixing, and congratulations for choosing that bass sound, it sounds deep and clean. I hope you can climb the summit. Our compliments! We have just concluded a track for the ongoing remix contest, if you want to go and listen, maybe let us know what you think, it would be really important for us to know it from you

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LI3RMusic2 months ago

Voted for you!
Really great Track, deserves the first place!
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Check it out and leave a vote/comment if you like it,
Also feel free to follow me on Soundcloud <3

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Phil Kuper
Phil Kuper2 months ago

So, it's really cool track, and i vote for you! Nice intro and all in all stuff)). Yoo've got my vote! Please, vote me back my last track "No Regrets" if you like it sure, and yeah, see you on top! Good luck bro)) ;)))

Score: 1
Recvey2 months ago

cool,voted,vote my new track please!1!

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Lavenir2 months ago

keep it up !!!!!! this is great job !!!!!!! voted !!!!!!!!

Score: 1
Electrosis2 months ago

nice feelings and veryy good sound, voteD!

Score: 1
Tim Larrson
Tim Larrson2 months ago

Good track. I voted!!!!

Score: 1
Tom VerXon
Tom VerXon2 months ago

Good surprise ! Voted

Score: 1
PSYLAR2 months ago

Votedddd backkk ! And thanks ! Tu canción está maravillosa!!!👏🏼👏🏼❤️❤️

Score: 1
Speero2 months ago


Score: 1
Michael Bravo
Michael Bravo2 months ago

Great track , nice synths in the drop ! Loved bass . Voted ! It would be cool if you could listen my track "Empty World", give feedback and vote if you liked it

Score: 1
H.A.R.D.I.E.2 months ago

hello, excellent track brother I loved it, you have a good style,
you have my vote and my support, good luck brother
you I would like you to take a moment to listen to my track Low Battery
thanks :v

Score: 1
Boss Eisley
Boss Eisley2 months ago

Hey man, this song is interesting from the start!
There are some good sounds here and the production value is decent. I voted for you, can you please return the favor and vote for my new song -- Pandemic? Message me on soundcloud if you want to talk music sometime.

Score: 1
PXZEL2 months ago

yo alskar, this bumps my dude, really solid stuff, the rhythm is really solid and kept me interested al the way through, nothing I can complain about here - keep up the good work, hope to hear more from you, leaving a vote !! Hit me up on SC/IG if you ever wanna chat or something or trade feedback ! If you got a sec, could you check out my last song, “lonely planet” ? Its an 8bit/future house mix - could use some feedback from someone like you, and vote if you like :) ? Appreciate you!

Score: 1
Shrivera2 months ago

Boom. Voted ❤️ Can you vote back for my remix of "Can't Erase"? Thanks in advance

Score: 1
J/\CK RIV3R2 months ago

really powefull!
Be Sure to Check my track called "Blurred Shadows" and leave me your voice, good luck!

Score: 1
Susomix2 months ago

This is great love it
Awesome track good work 💪
Mate i gave you my vote
Good luck in your ranking 👍
If you have a moment, I would appreciate it if you would review my latest track
Let me know what you think with a comment or a vote
👀 See you on Soundcloud or IG susomix_techno

Score: 1
Alex Glowing
Alex Glowing2 months ago

Hi. Good job. I like your soft sounds. Voted for you. I will be very happy if you listen to my track-Acceleration. Good luck in the ranking. Thanks.

Score: 1