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Lello_Oliver4 hours ago

Olá amigo ...

, peço seu voto para minha nova música.
Meu voto no seu já está garantido.

Siga-me nas minhas redes

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OTTONE1 day ago

Great sound ! 👍 Congrats !
Listen to my track “Stars” and vote/comment

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Garrick Mackauer

Brother, your universe, your music, is what I have long wanted to hear. And you did it! Cool torn sound at the beginning. The atmospheric melody is very, very good, jammed like that. As if I plunged into the world of miracles. Acceleration reveals the superiority of drop. Your drop will explode everything, how many sounds, how balanced. Music needs you, you have to show yourself as a world personality who carries his soul to every person. Hell, take this 1st place. Good luck to you

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Lavenir2 days ago

great track !!!!!! keep it up !!!!!! voted for sure !!!!!!!

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Keysa3 days ago

Hey Man, I love you song! Keep up the good work!
If you want come to listen my new remix of “no time to die”, I think you’ll like it!

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YouKore3 days ago


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Horbatso3 days ago

Great Track !

I like the melody and the sounds you used and this cool drop!!!!!!!!!!!
You have my support !

Voted!!!!!!!!!! I like it !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please check out my new track -TIME TO WALK AWAY- and vote if you liked of course thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Joep Mens
Joep Mens4 days ago

Really like that synth in the intro!

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Dj BMC_Bharath
Dj BMC_Bharath4 days ago

Very nice track 🔥🔥🔥
Vote my track "deeper" also 🙏🙏🙏

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Jobrektho4 days ago

That's very cool, I vote!
Please vote back for my latest track, Thanks!

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EnergyWolf4 days ago

Great Track I like it 😇and you get my vote😇
But vote me back
EnergyWolf: Thousand Skies:)(Epic)

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OLSAF4 days ago

hi bro.....this is olsaf.....well your track is nice....liked the way i'm a new producer.......17 yr old.......i was looking for some valuable suggestions for my i would love if you could do tracks name is don't keep me longer.....thnx a lot.....btw voted!

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Jaxie5 days ago

nice....can you check my latest track please

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Joel Avalo
Joel Avalo5 days ago

I voted for your track.
I hope you could do the same and vote back on my track “UTOPIA99”.
Good luck.❤

Music video in bio :DDD

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Oliver Young
Oliver Young5 days ago

Voted for your track. Cool vibe to it. When you can, please check my track JORGE for some support. Let's unite in this music bizz to find our own way to success

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DaCrazyFish5 days ago

Voted for your track. Cool vibe to it. When you can, please check my track "that way" for some support. Let's unite in this music bizz to find our own way to success...

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TOQUI5 days ago

cool,voted,vote my new track please!!!!!

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Roderic H
Roderic H5 days ago

Nice! Voted! Please check out my new track "Run" also. Appreciated.

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Larry Milonas
Larry Milonas5 days ago

Cool track man!

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Good Buddies
Good Buddies6 days ago

Classic progressive! Voted! Check out my track "Made You Happy"?

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