Take Control


I hope you like it please give a vote and do follow ❣️ and tell me how you feel about the track😃


DJ Ascon
DJ Ascon4 months ago

Hey Jaspreeet!
Awesome track!💪 Good drums and clean mixing! I really like it!
I VOTED FOR YOU! You got my full support!
Would be nice if you'd vote back on my latest release!✅
Keep it up and I'm exited to hear your tracks in the future!✌️😊

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DTX.off5 months ago

Great music! I vote for you!
Could you go see my new remix "Feel" by Curbi and vote for me!
Have a nice day....

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FERLOARG5 months ago

Have my vote,follow me in Soundcloud e vote my remix track S O S BAND TAKE YOUR TIME

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Bad  Habits
Bad Habits5 months ago

Great track with a lot of creative elements in the drop, keep up the good work :) If you got time, I would appreciate if you checked out my latest release "Jubilant". Keep it up, voted!

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Micron kal
Micron kal5 months ago

Nice job ... voted :) keep it up
best regards

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iamardaoruc5 months ago

Hey Jaspreet, i really liked your track, it sounds unique and i really like those drops... Surely Voted!
Would you vote for my latest remix for Sikdope X Duke & Jones for the contest as well ?

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GFE ultra
GFE ultra5 months ago

Big Thanks Mate!!!

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Loki.5 months ago

Good job! Hear my version of “Coming Down” in the remix contest and vote for me if you like it!! Sure you like it!

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Phil Kuper
Phil Kuper5 months ago

Cool.....And I Vote for you!)) Vote me back please my last track called "No Regrets", if you love it sure, and see you soon on top! Bye bro!)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Elshad5 months ago

Great! I vote)

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Tim Larrson
Tim Larrson5 months ago

good track !!! voted

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WOBLA5 months ago

Hi. Voted (check it!).
Will be happy if you`ll vote for my WOBLA – Ne Znaesh!
Best regards;)

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EINNOSZ5 months ago

Man great vibes voted )
Check my remix Contest "Coming Down"
Hope you like it:")

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A-Dyad5 months ago

What a change i never expected a drop like that a powerfull dub hybrid track, love it, good mix and soundesign too ! :)

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A-Dyad5 months ago

This track has really unique style, a fantastic quality in mixing, and congratulations for choosing the bass sound, it sounds really clean and strong. I hope you can climb the summit. Our compliments! You definitely deserve our like! We have just finished a track for the ongoing remix contest, if you want to go and listen, maybe let us know what you think, it would be really important for us to know it from you, if you like it we would be very pleased if you could help us with an opinion or a like, thanks!!

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GFE ultra
GFE ultra5 months ago

Super cool!! The dubstep drop is awesome!!!!!!

Would you check my Remix & vote for it if you like it..

Thnxxx & Good Luck!!

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PXZEL5 months ago

yo jaspreet, I can tell you spent a good amount of time on this track, its pretty solid and well thought out, you got something awesome happening here. Sound design was on point too, really vibing on that bass sound, was perfect for the mix. Great work, you earned my vote, keep up the good work! Hit me up on SC/IG if you ever wanna chat or something or trade feedback ! If you got a sec, could you check out my last song, “lonely planet” ? Its an 8bit/future house mix - could use some feedback from someone like you, and vote if you like :) ? Appreciate you!

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Hakan Öncü
Hakan Öncü5 months ago

Hey , great job! congratulations !

Are you check and vote my new track "Hakan Öncü - What a Feeling " ?

Thank you.

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Matt Morrin
Matt Morrin5 months ago

Great track Jaspreeet! Voted! Please check out my new track 'Always a Time'! If you like it, you can vote or stream and add it to your spotify-playlist! I would love to get as high as possible in the rankings, just like you, lets support eachother!

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Steve Portell
Steve Portell5 months ago

Hey I’m Steve Portell and I released my song „what the fuck is EDM“ 🎹 check out my channel and vote for my song if you like it 🙂
Thank you!!! 🙃

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