This is my version of “Coming Down” by Sikdope and Duke & Jones. Please if you like it show some love voting for me on the contest and tell me which drop you liked the most, share it to help me!


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ahmetamer4 months ago

Good job on this remix:)))

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KIRSCHBAUM4 months ago

Wtf I think I found my lost brother! :P
Awesome, much power - LOVE IT

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ELV4 months ago


Score: 1
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15449281189928304 months ago

Esto es locura vamos mi bro 💣💣💥

Score: 1
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Twisted15114 months ago

Great track! Well done man!! Voted back!!!

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SuperRichard4444 months ago

Great remix and nice job well done :D
You got my Vote =)

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DarKYYComet4 months ago

Dope remix! Voted! Last drop is the best for me.

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Spino Letta
Spino Letta4 months ago

Nice sound 🎶 Voted ✌️

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dj EmTag86
dj EmTag864 months ago

Nice! Voted!

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Ursen4 months ago

Good remix!Voted)

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Censored X
Censored X4 months ago

Dope!!! Voted.

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Pulk4 months ago

idk why it won't let me like the song but... i give it a 10/10 bro.. with all my heart :)

Score: 1
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34678380066215824 months ago

Votado bro!

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Suhail S
Suhail S4 months ago

Cool remix. Voted.

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K-luis4 months ago

Awesome remix! Really liked the low pitched vocals, and the build ups! All drops were great, but the first one stood out to me the most. Great job, and obviously voted! Thank you for your vote on my track!

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Geo Daft
Geo Daft4 months ago

good job!! voted!!

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BUBBLE DUB4 months ago


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ManuBomba4 months ago

Bomba mi colega

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Loewe4 months ago

I like the remix. I dont really like Dubstep but the last sounded the nicest it wasnt that high pitched as the other drops. Thanks for taking the time and listening to my track.

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Cyan Jools 🐼
Cyan Jools 🐼4 months ago

Dope 🐼 voted

Score: 1