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`-`. gazzle.   '-'
`-`. gazzle. '-'19 days ago

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Arexx19 days ago

Verry good man!! i voted!

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bydjango6919 days ago

This is Insane!!!!
Amazing Track bro!! just vote for it!
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TheReindeers19 days ago

wow beautiful track!

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GAVE/ 999 Beats
GAVE/ 999 Beats19 days ago

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Nyklas19 days ago

Great Track !
I like the melody and the sounds you used and this NICE DROP!!!!!!!!!!!
You have my support !

Voted!!!!!!!!!! I like it !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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RyanLey19 days ago

this track slaps

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SuperRichard44419 days ago

Top track very Good Job
I Vote 4 you :D
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I wish you all the Best in the Talent Pool !!

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Horford Peterson
Horford Peterson19 days ago

Eeee, Nice Harmony

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Discipline of Sound

Nice track bro, voted and supported! Please listen and vote for my track "Androids in a Rainforest" if you like it. Good luck!

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Niklas Long
Niklas Long20 days ago

cool track! voted ;)

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Paniflex20 days ago

Hi good work mate, I gave you my vote. Good luck in your ranking 👍If you have a moment, I would appreciate it if you would review my latest track. Let me know what you think with a comment or a vote!

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Jacklo20 days ago

Hey, nice pianos. Voted for you. Would you please help me back and vote for my remix of Moonlight by XXXTentacon :)

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Alex Caspian
Alex Caspian20 days ago

This tracks sounds very beautiful, especially in the beginning, I voted. Now vote back for my new track "Pilot Brothers in Imanbek Style"

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X1520 days ago

Voted !
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P.B20 days ago

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and vote for it, if you like it
I made this song to think
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Dvide20 days ago

Your voice is so good 🔥 awesome song, got my vote 🔥

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twentyfauxcarat21 days ago

Sick tune dude! I really like the melody and sounds!

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Subholik21 days ago

you know what ! ? I love it ! :)

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GFE ultra
GFE ultra21 days ago

Very good one!! Nice voice! Great piano sound
Cool drop!

Check my "Forever Song" if you can....Thnks & Good Luck!!!

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