Piano (Radio Edit)

Alper Sezgin Feat. Bostan

Alper Sezgin Feat. Bostan - Piano (Radio Edit)


Lavenir1 month ago

Great job , good vibes...
Keep it up the hard work.

Score: 1
Vengeance Recordings

alper. Rising Italian producer Nico Picerno takes his unyielding bass-driven sound from the gutter to Vengeance Sound via the jolting banger "Sugar."

Score: 1
PXZEL1 month ago

yo alper, really feeling this groove, catchy with great flow and enough going on to keep my entertained for the whole song, if you keep going like this you’ll definitely be on spinning’s releases soon my dude!! keep up the good work, hope to hear more from you, leaving a vote !! Hit me up on SC/IG if you ever wanna chat or something or trade feedback ! If you got a sec, could you check out my last song, “astrobits” its an 8bit/prog house mix could use some feedback from someone like you, and vote if you like :) ? Appreciate you!

Score: 1
°°Burn666°°1 month ago

hey there :).
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Marc Groxx
Marc Groxx1 month ago

Hi! I like your track! this kind of music is my style! I like. Hope you will get high with your music and people will know you soon. I voted this. Keep it going. So if you want, go my profile and check my new track "ESCALATOR" . Give your feedback and vote if you like! Thank you and wish you luck!

Score: 1
Lusitany1 month ago

Awesome track! Cool sound! Fantastic!
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Score: 1
Susomix1 month ago

Good work 💪
Mate i gave you my vote
Good luck in your ranking 👍
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Let me know what you think with a comment or a vote
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Score: 1
LI3RMusic1 month ago

Voted for you!
Really great Track, deserves the first place!
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I dropped a new single " So Alone "
Check it out and leave a vote/comment if you like it,
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Score: 1
Bad  Habits
Bad Habits1 month ago

Loving the Vibes on this one, especially the vocals combined With the chill chord progression of the piano! Which plug-in is used for the piano? Would appreciate if you took the time to check out my latest release "Jubilant" aswell! Voted!

Score: 1
Recvey1 month ago

cool,voted,vote my new track please!!

Score: 0
Loki.1 month ago

Good job! Hear my version of “Coming Down” in the remix contest and vote for me if you like it! Sure you like it!!!!!

Score: 1
Oswego1 month ago

Dope track!!!!

Score: 1
MARTIN JONES1 month ago

Hi good track voted . Lesson to my new remix Sikdope x Duke x Jones - Coming Down . Thank You and Good luck

Score: 1
ReyMod.com1 month ago

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Score: 1
Elshad1 month ago

Cool track! i voted)

Score: 1