PISTA NEW ZOOM ORIGINAL MIX DURACIÓN 3:50 LANZADO 2019-08-09 BPM 127 CLAVE A min GÉNERO Electronica / Downtempo COMPAÑÍA DISCOGRÁFICA Rehegoo Music Group https://songwhip.com/song/reymod/new-zoom


DJ SoundBlaster30

First of all: You have my Vote!! :-D
It's amazing track you have Made
Check our Friends listening to my Song: "A Story of the Existence of Then and Now" and drop it a like and a comment if you enjoyed it! :-D
Good Luck with The Ranking

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Phil Kuper
Phil Kuper23 days ago

Hey, what a cool stuff! Love it! Vote for you! Vote me back my last song calls "Feel It Again" if you like it sure, and see you soon on top! Bye/=))

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SantrixDiaz24 days ago

Voted, please vote back

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Hayden Francis
Hayden Francis24 days ago

vote for vote? please can you vote for my newest track called "In my dreams" and i will vote for your track in return, thanks.

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°°Burn666°°27 days ago

hey there :)...
I checked your track and vote for it,got my support!:) Would u be so nice and check out my new Track >>..MY SHINING STAR... (BADHOUSEMUSIC🏴‍☠️/DEEP)<< and set your vote & comment ?
it would be great to have your suppport

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Lavenir27 days ago

awesome track !!!!! keep it up !!!!!!!!! voted !!!

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XCyclon28 days ago

New zoom! Excellent work brother, I will vote for you, listen to my last song pls

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ICEY OFFICIAL28 days ago

yo REYMOD, i fuck with your shit <3 | you got my vote!
i'm not askin' you to do the same, but at least listen to my track, you may really like it :D

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Bryan G
Bryan G29 days ago

New house track uploaded on my page, if you can give me honest feedback and leave a detailed comment so I know its not spam ill take the time out to do the same to any track you want. Thank you in advance I dont want to just spam I also want to add value and give my two cents on your music!!

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NickZisou1 month ago

Wow one more unique track by u !!!

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BIGGOOSEmusic1 month ago

Good job

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BIGGOOSEmusic1 month ago

Good track

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Väpä1 month ago

What a great track Reymod, always it's such a pleasure hear something from you. Voted.
I hope you could listen and vote back my remix of ''Bad guy'' from BILLIE EILISH, thank you a lot and good luck. Greetings.

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Akashii1 month ago

Already voted for yaa! (;

Would you be kind enough to vote 2 of my remixes? Everyone's support would do me so much good!

One is for #Afrojack and another is for #Deepend.

If you did, thank you for your help :D

All the best toward your dreams! Lets do it! :D :D

And please stay home, stay safe.

Cheers! Happy Spinninin'!

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jesusgarzaa1 month ago

me encanta todo, si pudieras checar mi nueva cancion estaria espectacular

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Dasty921 month ago


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Lavenir1 month ago

great track !!!!! voted !!!!!! keep it up !!!!!!

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Asher Cole1 month ago

I like the calm flow of the song, and the balance seems alright most of the track, however, I would suggest being careful of the frequency levels throughout the whole track, and also check how the different samples and sounds you use interact sonically, and the spacing each element has.
I recently made a remix of Afrojack's All Night and would appreciate it if you could listen to it.

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Maenix1 month ago

Hello Reymod Com! :)

What a cool track dude!!
Well / clean produced - I like it!

wish you the best!

Good luck in the ranking!

I would be sooo greatful for your feedback on my Afrojack Remake!! Please support me with a vote if you love it!! <3

Cheers - Maenix -

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Markolps1 month ago

Voted!! Like it!

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