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LI3RMusic4 months ago

Voted for you!
Really great Track, deserves some attention!
If you want to help me too then check me out :)
I dropped a new single "LI3R - Fade Away"
Check it out and leave a vote/comment if you like it,
Also feel free to follow me on Soundcloud <3

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Skybreaker4 months ago

Hi DAVE STEWARD, I will say only one thing, your Psy trance is just perfect, perfect and perfect !!!!
I vote for you !!!!
Please check my last remix of "Heads Will Roll"
Thx and good luck.

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Dan Kegoo
Dan Kegoo4 months ago

Nice track !!✔️
You have my vote !!✔️
please vote back on my new track Brasiliks!

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LO-KOST4 months ago

Nice track ! That’s voted !
I'd be really grateful if you checked my new track called "Night Ride", I hope that you will like it !

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Crookedd4 months ago


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Vedi4 months ago

Hey! Nice track! 2000s vibes :) I voted!
If you want, go check out my new track Aim High!

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FYNUTZU4 months ago

hitting hard this one , voted ;)

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Cardinalez4 months ago

Best track :-) !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Voted

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Nic Illing
Nic Illing4 months ago

Nice !

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RULEBREAKERZ4 months ago

Wow amazing track & congrats on the top 10!! Hope your track does really well.
Hope you like our brand new track NOKIA too. Best of luck with your music, RULEBREAKERZ

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Niklas Long
Niklas Long4 months ago

Cool track! You got my vote

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Crookedd4 months ago

SEND SOME LOVE TO MY TRACK "RICKY" vote comment that you did and ill send some love back!!!!!!

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Jacklo4 months ago

Hey, i love the progressive vibe of your song. I voted for you. Would you please vote back or at least check my remix of DJ snake s Enzo :)

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Cheaper4 months ago

awesome! I like the sounds of the drop

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YouKore4 months ago

YouKore Vote

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Thee Party
Thee Party4 months ago

nice track congratulations if you want you can leave a like in the contest

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Lavenir4 months ago

this is lit !!!!!! voted for sure !!!!!! keep it up !!!

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Dr. LE
Dr. LE4 months ago

woow, this is a banger, very cool and strong track, cool. would you like to check out my track- MOONWALKER

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Cristian Lombardo
Cristian Lombardo4 months ago

Great work, check out also my new track "Tears of Desert" hope you like it.

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Sean Oneal
Sean Oneal4 months ago

Really this one! Nice to hear some new trance! Voted.
I have a progressive house track, Cache, I just uploaded last week. Vote and follow if you enjoy the new music!
Best of luck to you Dave!

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