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twentyfauxcarat2 months ago

I really enjoyed this track, it's fire bro!

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NRAVV2 months ago

Hi))) Listen my track NRAVV - GODOVSHCHINA and follow me if you like it ;))))))))

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Bayan and Julian
Bayan and Julian2 months ago

Love your remix and voted for you. Especially love how unique you made it man, the chords are beautiful! Would love for you to check mine out as well.

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Asaro2 months ago

Nice Track Max, I voted! Can you vote back for my Remix of Curbi´s "Feel", it helps me out a lot. Thanks a million

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MKL_Music2 months ago

Very nice track and original aswell!
Feel free to listen to my version of it! Thanks! :D

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RGRSSO2 months ago

This is really a good remix ! could you listen to my Curbi Remix and give your thoughts?

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Geeyo Ibra
Geeyo Ibra3 months ago

cool remix man. hope to get a vote back on my remix too.

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Creay3 months ago

The drop is great ! Good job ! Voted ofc ! :) If you have time come to my profile to leave feedback of my remix "Feel" :)

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Ursen3 months ago

Good remix - i voted - good luck)

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Patrick Fiera
Patrick Fiera3 months ago

good job , voted ;)

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EnergyWolf3 months ago

Great Track I like it 😇and you get my vote😇
But vote me back
EnergyWolf: Thousand Skies:)(Epic)

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Janh Gabriell
Janh Gabriell3 months ago

the vibe its awesome and the break of the song its sick with that beat, i really like it! good luck on the contest.

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Hibs3 months ago

very cool good luck in the contest !

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Susomix3 months ago

Hi Good work 💪
Mate i gave you my vote
Good luck in your ranking 👍
If you have a moment, I would appreciate it if you would review my latest track
Let me know what you think with a comment or a vote
👀 See you on Soundcloud or IG susomix_techno

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Michael Bravo
Michael Bravo3 months ago

Great remix , nice synths in the drop ! Loved bass . Voted ! It would be cool if you could listen my track "Stardust", give feedback and vote if you liked it

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GFE ultra
GFE ultra3 months ago

Hi Max!!! very cool remix!!! give you my vote

Hope you can check my Hugger's Remix,and Vote for it if you like it!!
Thnxxxx & Good Luck

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°°Burn666°°3 months ago

hi there :)
I checked your track and vote for it! Nice Job,got my support!:) Would u be so nice and check out my new Track >> UNDERGROUND HOUSE << and set your vote & comment?
it would be great to have your support!:)
! i appreciate it :) Thx a lot!

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DTX.off3 months ago

Great music! I vote for you!
Could you go see my new remix "Feel" by Curbi and vote for me!
Have a nice day....

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