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EferJet4 months ago

Good vibes! Leaving you my vote! :)
If you got a sec, check out my new track "Feel Good" - I want to know your opinion.

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Rajit Garg
Rajit Garg4 months ago

Sick track! Try increasing the sidechain a bit more to make the mix tighter and compressing the kick to increase punchiness. If you could, check out my new mix on my SoundCloud, which is linked on my profile!

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TheChosenBeats4 months ago

That drop shot is fire my man, will say the mix is slightly unbalanced, vocals are crowded out, lack of FX sweeps as well. Fine tune those post composition skills and you'll be on the right track to drop nothing but fire.
Keep up the good work!
Humbly ask you check out my track and leave feedback and support if you feel it deserves it!
Thanks so much.

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Can Poyraz
Can Poyraz4 months ago

Voted Bro good job . Pleas can you vote me back ? thnx

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Jay Deekay
Jay Deekay4 months ago

Great remix!
Please check my remix, comment and Vote if you like it!
Good luck!

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Dirse4 months ago

I liked it! Voted
Please check out my remix and vote it

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twentyfauxcarat4 months ago

Really cool track! I enjoyed listening to it!

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Massirocket4 months ago

Wow the song is just awesome voted :) please check out my remix OF CHARLIE HEDGES AND EDDIE CRAIG and leave a vote if you like :)

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Ralph Halkett
Ralph Halkett4 months ago

Hey, cool track, voted!. Would really appreciate it if you vote back for mine :) Thanks and good luck!

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Mavemusicbe4 months ago

Great remix bro! Voted.
Would u like to support & vote my remix for Billie Eilish "No Time To Die" on Talent Pool? Thanks!

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Quaza4 months ago

Nice melody bro :). voted. maybe check out mine too :)?

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JIMMI5 months ago

Man, That's dope !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You definitely Have my VOTE !!!
take a minute and listen to Mr REMIX and DON'T VOTE for me just gimme ur feedback <3333333333333

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DRGDB5 months ago

Dopee votedd, would appreciate ur feedback!

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If I Was Young
If I Was Young5 months ago

oh wait, I don't know how to vote yet

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If I Was Young
If I Was Young5 months ago

One of the best remixes in this competition, great job mate :)

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Jasmine Wonder
Jasmine Wonder5 months ago

Very great remix man!
Voted :D

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Lennart_Jp5 months ago

Voted please listen to my remix lets support each other ......

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Hibs5 months ago

Cool one Cheaper ! Voted

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BORG_OFFICIAL5 months ago

Really nice vibes to this one 🎶 voted good luck in the contest

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Crookedd5 months ago

voted! send some love back and vote for my track "ricky" comment that you did so i can continue to support you in the future!!.

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