Nasty boy


„Nasty Boy“ is a deep house/ EDM track which was actually made for a good friend. The name has a deeper meaning for this friendship. I hope you like the track.


Velocity X
Velocity X24 days ago

Isnt nasty boy and insult haha?
Anyways i like it haha <3

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SimoT3k24 days ago

Nice track! Hear my "Pulsating Echoes"!

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DaniilPyatkov24 days ago


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Massirocket24 days ago

hey bro that's good! I voted and hope you vote again for my track!! have a nice day!!

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JasonWell ✪
JasonWell ✪24 days ago

Привет, хороший трек, ты молодец!))
пожалуйста, оцените мой трек: Firsoff - Time
Спасибо 👍 👍 👍 👍

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BoozKat24 days ago

Love the breaks, very atmospheric. Voted

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Rolands Celitans
Rolands Celitans25 days ago

Hi! Your track is voted on! Please also vote for me/ track: pussy lookin
I look forward to your support!

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Jocholatte25 days ago

Wow the bass and the pluck fit so well , Love this and voted for sure and btw would you like to help me vote back on my new song Jocholatte - Procrastinate ? Thank you

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Chris Jourdian
Chris Jourdian25 days ago

Super unique bro! Loving the atmospheric sounds & effects.
Keep up the great work!

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Fullpoy25 days ago

Hi your track is really cool and I voted for you, could you tell me what you think of my last track and vote for it =

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Exodipe25 days ago

Nice Instru ,Great style Edm House I voted me too :)

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Can Poyraz
Can Poyraz26 days ago

Good One bro . I like your style & Voted . Please can you vote my last remix track ? Thank u :)

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Mete Kemal
Mete Kemal26 days ago

I really like it dude !!!

Check my page and new project call "Welcome The China"

Enjoy it !

Bu after listen wash your hands :)

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Mavemusicbe26 days ago

Jo dude, sick track, can't wait to hear more from you!
Please checkout my remix on talent pool and vote 💖 =D

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GFE ultra
GFE ultra26 days ago

Very cool funky prod!!!

Hope you can check my Remix & vote for it if you like it!
Thnks & good Luck in the charts!

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jrome9226 days ago

thanks! .:D

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jrome9226 days ago

voted bro!
check out my track "I'll Be Waiting For You"
vote me back if you like it!
thanks! :D

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Sl@weC27 days ago

Great job! You have my vote. Please check my latest production 365 for Adam Audio Soundtrack Competition and leave some coments, really appreciated and good luck on this chart!

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twentyfauxcarat27 days ago

Sick tune dude! I really like the melody and sounds!

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Lavenir27 days ago

Nice Mix !!!

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