This is a remix of the song "Not So Bad" produced by Thesongisme


SHock WaVe
SHock WaVe1 month ago

Cool man !!! Keep growing bro
I vote

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Heavenliness2 months ago

Hi, THX for Voted
I liked this music and I voted

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`-`. gazzle.   '-'
`-`. gazzle. '-'2 months ago

nice cool track ....please listen to my remix of .............."we are diamonds"....... ...........thankyou........

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Jobrektho2 months ago

Taht's very cool, I vote!

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Hibs2 months ago

hey ! thanks for your vote even if the player dont work on my page ... voted !

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Lello_Oliver2 months ago

Hello friend

I ask your vote for my new song.
My vote in yours is already guaranteed.

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Rajit Garg
Rajit Garg2 months ago

Sick track. Try increasing the sidechain a bit more to make the mix tighter and compressing the kick to increase punchiness. Voted! If you could, check out my new mix on my SoundCloud, which is linked on my profile!! :)

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`-`. gazzle.   '-'
`-`. gazzle. '-'2 months ago

nice cool track ....please listen to my remix of .............."we are diamonds"...... .... .......thankyou........

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`-`. gazzle.   '-'
`-`. gazzle. '-'2 months ago

nice cool track ....please listen to my remix of .............."we are diamonds"............... ...thankyou........

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Amuleka2 months ago

I liked it dude, nice work, you have my vote

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NeaZy2 months ago

"Don't ever read the comments...LOL. Nice work m8 :))"
Maybe I'm allowed to sleep ? :) this kind of behavior I don't understand..

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Maick-I2 months ago

Nice remix! Thanks for voting for my remix and hereby vote back.

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SPECTRICK LEAD 2.02 months ago

take my vote homie

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Alex Caspian
Alex Caspian2 months ago

Voted but the bass, synth and vocals are off-tempo

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theAapex2 months ago

Amazing remix thesongisme! I voted! (for real :D) It would be amazing if you vote back on my track “Blow!” :)
Hope we can meet on SoundCloud, lets follow each other!
Good luck on the chart

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Dylan-muirhead2 months ago

Have my vote mate good luck 👍

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Susomix2 months ago

Hi good work 💪
Mate i gave you my vote
Good luck in your ranking 👍
If you have a moment, I would appreciate it if you would review my latest track
Let me know what you think with a comment or a vote
👀 See you on Soundcloud or IG susomix_techno

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Dj Fucos
Dj Fucos2 months ago

nice track, cool melodies!
We can support each other so it would be awesome if you give a vote on my latest remix!

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