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Alex Tolino
Alex Tolino1 month ago

hey! good remix ! I like the composition and the melody, they are great !! voted! I would like you to see my remix and if you liked it let me know !! good luck!!!

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Leonardo Roney
Leonardo Roney1 month ago

Very good your music. You won my vote. If you can help me with my new song Fly All Hope I thank you very much.
Congratulations on the work.
Leonardo Roney

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Paulworkerdj2 months ago

Nice track, Voted! I like the overall mix, the drums and the bass line are insane!
Let me know what you think about my Thong Song remix and leave me a vote and a comment too if you enjoy it :)

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Crude Noise
Crude Noise3 months ago

Loved the drop! Drums sound so clean and crisp!! Could you check out my remix of Buzz Low's 'Thong Song', be sure to leave a vote and a comment if you like it! :)

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Xoro Music
Xoro Music3 months ago

Hi Anthoon, I really love your Afrojack remix, especially the sound design, I voted for you in this contest <3 Could you please vote back on my 'Thong Song' remix if you like it? It would mean a lot to me :)

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Miatsa3 months ago

Voted bro, let's get some last minute votes in. Please vote back <3

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MARTIN JONES3 months ago

Hi ANTHOON very good remix. Listen to my track EUPHORIA and new remix Deepend - Desire . Follow me to Soundcloud . Thank You and good luck

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Akashii3 months ago

Already voted for yaa! (;

Would you be kind enough to vote 2 of my remixes? Everyone's support would do me so much good!

One is for #Afrojack and another is for #Deepend.

If you did, thank you for your help :D

All the best toward your dreams! Lets do it! :D :D

And please stay home, stay safe.

Cheers! Happy Spinninin'!

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HERMIAN3 months ago

This is straight up fire bro <3

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Selvenmuzic3 months ago

Cool vibe! Voted! Good luck!

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Paulworkerdj3 months ago

Love your remix, lot of energy! I voted for you! Please check my "Buzz Low - Thong Song" and vote too!

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Klevis & Leo
Klevis & Leo3 months ago

Cool remix! Just voted check supported! Check our last track too and vote if you like!

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Andrew Zacs
Andrew Zacs3 months ago

Awesome bro!!! Good work

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WIZZARD DJ3 months ago

Great track! Got my vote. Would you be able to check out my latest "Demon Hunter"

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martinblaze3 months ago

nice remix.. Voted

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Justin Robeen
Justin Robeen3 months ago

Hey bro,
Yo that's a good remix, I voted for you.!!!!
It has a huge energy!!!
Please listen to my remix, and support me!!

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Maick-I3 months ago

Nice Remix man !.
especially likes the piece from 1:11 min.

would you like to listen to my remix from Buzz Low - Thong Song and tell me what you think?
and a like / vote back would be nice.

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FEJER3 months ago

nice remix. i voted.

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Ludon Borry
Ludon Borry3 months ago

Wow this remix is fantastic!!
I really like it
I like the sounds on the drops!
I also do a remix of this track on my profile!
ps i voted you are an excelent competitor!!!

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UKN3 months ago

Hey man, i love your remix, the vibes are amazing!!!!
nice work the drop is so catchy and clean, i voted for you! please check mine and vote too

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