Xedis3 months ago

Voted! good track! if you want you can support me with a vote on my new remix "All night" of Afrojack!!
REMEMBER, you can support me also on soundcloud with a <3 and a comment!

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Creajum3 months ago

I voted ALT! Good job
It would be great if you vote for my remix "All Night"
So you can follow me on Soundcloud, thanks c:

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Hubbbble3 months ago

WOW You have My voice, really great work. Pls check my last remix!!!!!!!!!!!

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AnheliX3 months ago

Stay home and Stay safe
just voted for your track and it was really awesome
hope you'll check out my latest track "Waste Of Time" and vote for support

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thesongisme3 months ago

Nice! ❤👍 I enjoyed this track and voted for you :)

Please consider listening to my tracks and voting for them if you like them.

Good luck in your rankings!

- Thesongisme


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Vengeance Recordings

alt! Nico Picerno 'Railgun' is out now!

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Zaeth3 months ago

Woah, that's one hell of a track! I'd love if you could do the same and vote for my first track Make It Stop. Let's help each other grow :)

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KinAhau3 months ago

Yoooo! Congrats man, this one's fire. U got my vote for sure ;) If u have any time it would be dope if u could check out my last track 'Crai' and let me know what u think. Anyway...good luck and thanks bro!!!!

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Pras Ceiver
Pras Ceiver3 months ago

Hey ALT 33 Your track sounds really good buddy , I loved it ; excellent work.
I have voted for your track.
Please vote for me in Afrojack All Night remix contest
Thank you
Have a good day :)

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LI3RMusic3 months ago

Voted for you!
Really great Track, deserves some attention!
If you want to help me too then check me out :)
I dropped a new single named " NWCD "
Check it out and leave a vote/comment if you like it,
Also feel free to follow me on Soundcloud <3

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King Dice
King Dice3 months ago

Great track! I love it and voted for you
I'd really appreciate it if you'd vote for my remix of BLR - Feel It.

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DEENTR3 months ago

Nice vibe, but not feeling the vocals mate, voted for the effort


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BIONT ✪3 months ago

Nice track ALT 33!!! LIKED!!! Cool idea, great sounds and nice mix as well!!!
If you have time please checkout my new remix for Deepend's new track "Desire" and please vote back.
I hope that you'll reach your goals...Keep it up bro!!!

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ketul_333 months ago

Nice track voted for you and you can vote for me good luck keep it up

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Susomix3 months ago

Hi 🖐🏼
Great track good work 💪
Mate i gave you my vote
Good luck in your ranking 👍
If you have a moment, I would appreciate it if you would review my latest track
Let me know what you think with a comment or a vote
👀 See you on Soundcloud or IG susomix_techno

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CORY MAVERICK3 months ago

Voted! Please check my remix for the Afrojack's contest. Cheers <3....

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ReyMod.com3 months ago

Hi, im ReyMod, Very good track , nice job, i vote, please check my track and vote and please follow me in instagram (You can find the info in my profile), we will be in contact

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AranTente3 months ago

Good sounding production! I like the vocal process a lot! Voted:)
Can I ask you to take a listen to my songs 'Love Stories' and 'Stars' and set your comment/vote please?
It would be much appreciated... Thanks for your time and good luck in the ranking!

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