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Crude Noise
Crude Noise3 months ago

Huge drop mate! Massive festival vibes! Voted!! Could you check out my remix of Buzz Low's 'Thong Song', be sure to leave a vote and a comment if you like it! :)

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Akashii3 months ago

Already voted for yaa! (;

Would you be kind enough to vote 2 of my remixes? Everyone's support would do me so much good!

One is for #Afrojack and another is for #Deepend.

If you did, thank you for your help :D

All the best toward your dreams! Lets do it! :D :D

And please stay home, stay safe.

Cheers! Happy Spinninin'!

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Z3U53 months ago

Loved it, loved the groove of it. you got my vote.
wish you all the best.


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Franomusic3 months ago

nice track bro!!!!!! voted

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Nenad3 months ago

Man, Please give me a Feedback on my Remix ”All Night“ by Afrojack feat. Ally Brooks. It is a banger!! Show some love and vote for it
Thank you! Good luck!:)

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EDIYANA3 months ago


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GFE ultra
GFE ultra3 months ago

Hi LLiso!! Love your track a lot!!!
already voted for it

Would you check and vote if you like it my "Airplane's Gone"..?! It would be great!!
Thnxxxx and Good Luck!!!

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Dasty923 months ago

Hey, I liked your track!
You got my vote! please vote back for my track "Deep Sea"
My goal is to reach top 20!

good luck, see you at the top ;)!

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Dr. LE
Dr. LE3 months ago

great and progressive track
voted back

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Skyflow3 months ago

PROPER MUSIC HERE!! If you love REAL music, you should check out and vote for my latest track WHEN IT'S ALL OVER! I'll be grateful!

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WOBLA3 months ago

Hi. Voted (check it!).
Will be happy if you`ll vote for my WOBLA – Kirk Volodin!
Best regards;)

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Lavenir3 months ago

keep it up !!!!!! great work !!!!!! voted !!!!!!!

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EINNOSZ3 months ago

Voted bro, goodluck
Check my Contest "Desire" and "All Night"
Hope u like both of my remix...

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Elc3 months ago

Awesome Lead sound! I really like it and voted back!

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SniZeeR  Assegaf
SniZeeR Assegaf3 months ago

Wow this good bro
Please like my remix in afrojack remix contest :)
Voted back:)

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EINNOSZ3 months ago

Support my friend too

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4Smile3 months ago


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ONE=TWO3 months ago

really cool)

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phantastikz3 months ago

nice track, you got my vote

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Decima3 months ago

Cool track, voted, good luck!

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Holley3 months ago

I voted for your tracks, I loved it

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