Deep tech or house track, with kind of souls Vocals


Horbatso2 months ago

Just Awesome Track, Love it !

I like the melody and the sounds you used and this cool drop!!!!!!!!!!!
You have my support !

Voted!!!!!!!!!! I like it !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please check out my new remix Yves V & Ilkay Sencan - Not So Bad Feat. Emie ( Horbatso Remix ) and vote if you liked of course thanks !!!! !!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!! !!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!! !!!!!!!!!!!!

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NickZisou2 months ago

My friend the track is huge,in my opinion look your drop again because build up is louder than drop and the track will be masterpiece,keep stay unique in your music

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Average Joe
Average Joe2 months ago

Love your skills man. And again the synths are amazing! Thanks for your feedback mate really appreciate it! Gonna leave you some too tonight! Keep in touch and keep up the great work!

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SuperRichard4442 months ago

Amazing track well done :D
You have my Vote and Like =)
Support me back on my New Track "A New Start" and Vote and Comment on it. :-)
All the Best in the Talent Pool and Peace !!

Greetings SuperRichard444

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KAW  Music β˜‘οΈ

nice and catchy, I voted for you!
Pls vote for my new REMIX and comment what you think.

Thank you!

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Steve Stinson
Steve Stinson2 months ago

Hi guys - I want honest feedback on my track and no faking votes 😏
Please check out my channel!
Thank you !πŸ™‚

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IceyIcey2 months ago

Woaaah, GDE ULTRA Voted <3
it's a pretty good track to be honest ^-^
I think you owe me atleast 3 minutes of your time to listen to my song aswell.
It's the first I ever made and by the people who listened so far, it's fire :D

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Orion Mystic
Orion Mystic2 months ago

very good keep on rolling with my vote gfe

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DJ W2 months ago

Great track! !
I voted!
Please listen to my track if you like.
I'm sure you will like it!

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Maviero2 months ago

GFE Hello i like your Song (: voted for it,if you have time please check out also my Track (:

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NoDistortion2 months ago

Chek out my new track Darkness hope you enjoi it,

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Marcelo Carvalho
Marcelo Carvalho2 months ago

Nice Work Fejer,

Please, Check it out my remix to Buzz Low!

Cheers from Brazil

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GFE ultra
GFE ultra2 months ago

i m not Fejer!!!!!!! ahahahh!!!!

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DJ SEVENT2 months ago

Banger track man! I love it!
Can you help me with a vote to my remix ''Buzz Low - Thong Song (DJ SEVENT REMIX)
Good luck broooo!

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WillRMXReturn2 months ago

im voted

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Manstarr2 months ago

Great tune! Voted !!

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Marix Green
Marix Green2 months ago

Good job. A great song. Keep it up. I will vote for your song.

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INGVARR MARO2 months ago

Wow! Nice work. It's 100% vote! Π‘an you please also vote for my new track Mantra materia?

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EINNOSZ2 months ago

Great vibes mate, good luck voted
Check mine too :D

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Keyerdep2 months ago

Nice track nice music voted for you and you can vote for me good luck keep it up..

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