Its synthwave not elecro, but its not a choise lol, high end is rly bad because of soundcloud compressiona annddddd yeah idk enjoy ig


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nice and catchy, I voted for you!
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Thank you!

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Steve Stinson
Steve Stinson3 months ago

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Dj Surrinate
Dj Surrinate3 months ago

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Ite Sma
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Sultanberkaliev3 months ago

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Pras Ceiver
Pras Ceiver3 months ago

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Have a good day.

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Hayden Francis
Hayden Francis3 months ago

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SuperRichard4443 months ago

Top track well done :D
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All the Best in the Talent Pool and Peace !!

Greetings SuperRichard444

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Susomix3 months ago

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Alex Kase
Alex Kase3 months ago

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DRN_Official3 months ago

Great work! Voted!!

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TIERD3 months ago

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twentyfauxcarat3 months ago

This produced and mixed well. Nice job!

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