Hey everyone this is our new single featuring Dylan Matthew! We hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it! Lots of new music in the way ! Cheers and stay safe out there much love!!


Zach Music
Zach Music9 days ago

This is so chill! I love the chops that go alongside the vocal in the drop, they’re so cool. Plus, that guitar that plays throughout the track is so sick, seriously. Would love it if you checked out my song Horizon. But seriously this is awesome, congrats!

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Ravii9 days ago

check latest

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Lavenir9 days ago

great track !!!!!!!! keep it up !!!!!!!! voted !!!!!!!!!

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Blankface10 days ago

would appreciate it if u could take a look into my pieces.
vote 4 vote? already done.

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RANDY TORRES [Official] ✪

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FERLOARG10 days ago

Hello, vote my new track STROBE, let me know so I leave a vote for you too, greetings...

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arkademusic10 days ago

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Quint Diego
Quint Diego10 days ago

i love the track. can you listen to my track "sun" please i will appriciate that!

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Roderic H
Roderic H10 days ago

Congrats on no 1. Well deserved. Like guitar riffs, Like "in your face" vocals and fact, that vocals are not over-reverbed like most of the songs nowdays. Great melody also. Voted for you!
Check out my "The Haunted" track also.

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SRVVR10 days ago

Uiii jungs des ist so geil! Meinen Like habt ihr!

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Dash & Rexx
Dash & Rexx10 days ago

Hello Flawd,

Great Work, you got my vote!!

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RANDY TORRES [Official] ✪

buena parcero! chimba de guitarra

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Average Joe
Average Joe10 days ago

Nice one mate! Deserves this spot in the ranking!

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Joel Avalo
Joel Avalo10 days ago

I voted for your track.
I hope you could do the same
and vote back on my track “I'm The Hero You Wished For''
Good luck.

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DJ RUSKI10 days ago


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Consoul Trainin
Consoul Trainin10 days ago

nice one!! voted

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Stellium10 days ago

Good job !

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NRAVV10 days ago

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DJ Javix
DJ Javix11 days ago

VOTED good track that melody is incredible you have my support.
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Dillan Stephenson ☑️

Great Song. That guitar is ace and the vibe the vocal brings is amazing This may just be me but i think the kick is been drowned out by the bass. This would be an easy fix. Just Slightly Compress the bass with a fast attack and short release (relevant to the length of the kick), then adjust the threshold to where you see fit. this should allow the kick to breath a little more. It may not even be a case of that. Just Reduce the bass volume a tad see how it sounds Or use a fabfilter MB. Great tune, I've voted. Good Luck

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